Has anyone on here just upped and walked out of their job?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Jelly Belly, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly Midfield

    Obviously it wouldn't be advisable to just get up and walk but has anyone on here ever felt so trapped in their role that for their own sanity they just need to pack their bag, hand their laptop over and say 'see ya later'?
    I'm so close to that point at the moment but aged 40 with a very young family which involves nursery school fees and a mortgage it probably wouldn't be one of my better moves, had job interviews recently which have gone to rat-shit. Been thinking about possibly trying to find a franchise to invest in and go self employed... it's not a lot of fun to be in this situation that's for sure.
  2. Sort of. Worked at 2Touch for a few month after redundancy and an operation. Anyway got offered a new job immediate start which I accepted. 2Touch wanted to me give some ridiculous notice period, so I wrote on a piece of blank paper "I quit from my job", signed it and walked out.
  3. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale Winger

    Did it on a YT and employment training sheme placements as a kid twice, but not as an adult. Both times I was doing a full time job for £35 a week. Absolute slave labour
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  4. Secret Visage

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    Difficult situation you have.

    If you were single with some backup funds, then it'd be far easier to walk. As it is, you'd get little help from the government as you've voluntarily quit your job.
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  5. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

    Every job I had prior to my current.

    I always felt that if you were dreading Monday on a Sunday night, it was time to go. I find the whole process of working soul destroying but my current job is tolerable and with 3 little ones, maybe that is enough.
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  6. BigPete

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    Aye worked at Orange years ago shit job, bell end of a manager little short arse who thought he was the bee's knees.

    Applied for a holiday got refused then a lass applied for same day got accepted.

    Told him to stick his job up his arse left 1 hour into shift when it was dead busy.

    Started a new better paid job 2 weeks later. Seen him at the tesco once on Cobalt asked him how the call centre was doing he looked gutted lol
  7. I have. It's liberating and you take a hit, but I will never be a slave to suit others. I work hard and don't suffer fools gladly but once I get taken for granted and advantage of, then I'm off
  8. kingmonkey

    kingmonkey Winger

    Might not be the best idea with all your commitments and they will need to provide a reference.

    What does your Mrs think? Can she up her hours and you could do childcare while doing a part time job. Less coming in but less going out.
  9. woollyback

    woollyback Winger

    depends on the reasons or causes of wanting to leave. For example if it was afecting health. Also in some circumstances it could be possible to walk and claim constructive dismissal against ther employer.
  10. Discopants91

    Discopants91 Striker

    About 4 hours into my first shift at the New Look warehouse, absolute shite and some little jumped up supervisor prick was lucky I didn't strangle him with an affordable vest top.

    Not on the CV funnily enough.
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  11. Worst place I have ever worked.
  12. silas80

    silas80 Winger

    Sort of, had savings to fall back on though. Consider your future references though if you're considering, especially if you've been there a while.

    i.e. don't call them a bunch of kernts as you walk out the door.
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  13. maygo

    maygo Winger

    My missus has had probably over 30 jobs (she’s 38 and no) and probably upped and left half of them. She just gets to a point where she thinks “fuck this” and walks out
    Probably every call centre at Doxy, several clothes shops in town, and even a high rolling contracts/ finance manager position for the council. She is amazing in interviews, can bullshit her way into any job but shows them no loyalty. Ruthless as fuck
    The greatest one was two touch down Hilton riverside. She said she was off to the bog, got in her car and fucked off
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  14. vinegar hill

    vinegar hill Striker

    Yes. About 10 years ago, just walked.
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  15. Used to be manager of the home delivery service for IKEA Croydon a long time ago.

    Along came a short-notice INXS gig at Brixton Academy and the owner wouldn't cover for me, so I walked out on the spot.

    Gig was topper, like.
  16. Her Aboriginal themed caravan must make a nice feature on your front lawn.
  17. I have resigned or on one occasion taken voluntary redundancy from every job since I was 20. My current local manager is (or rather was) a total bitch and I threatened to put my coat on and leave a few months ago. She backed off and was practically crying and she has been a pussycat ever since. In your case with bills coming in and so on I would advise against it.
  18. FannyByTheGaslight

    FannyByTheGaslight Central Defender

    Once you have lost interest in the job just fuck off, there are plenty of jobs around.
  19. Boinger

    Boinger Winger

    Regularly in the 70s when living with my parents and just needed money for beer/fags/board.. However, in those days you could pretty much quit one menial job and walk into another the next day.

    Wouldn't recommend it nowadays.. especially family men/women.
  20. ajthemackem

    ajthemackem Striker

    Kept getting backheeled around a place when the work dried up. I was contracted to do one thing and ended up doing all the shite that needed doing around the place since I was last in. Wasn't too bad 'til they had me in at 5am walking around three full length tressle tables collating pages because they were too cheap to replace the buggered collating machine.
    Had a brief meeting with the boss then walked out. Felt bloody marvellous. :lol:
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