Harvey Weinstein

Discussion in 'SMB' started by TDalt, Oct 10, 2017.

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    I apologised after. Sweet of you to come to his rescue though with your @ing him though.
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  2. Bastard :lol:
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    No bother mate, I don't take this place seriously. :)
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    Oh dear

    But Bill's actions are ok then?
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    A lot of stuff in the book about how he targets Oscar nominations too like a precision missile!
  7. Harry Angstrom

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    I'm assuming weinstein is one of many. Why aren't they being outed?
  8. Fetch Fletch

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    They're still casting
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    Bill had an affair, in office, and apologised for it. It's not up to me to forgive him. He didn't wrong me.
    He also didn't do the kinds of things HW is being accused of
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    Fake agent must be shitting himself.
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    :lol::lol: he's looking too old to care
  12. Harry Angstrom

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    It's a weird phenomenon that once the word is out people queue up to get their accusations in but won't make them before.
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    Exactly mate
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    “I knew about Harvey a year ago. I’m ashamed that I didn’t speak out sooner”
    “But why didn’t you? You’ve had no problem being outspoken in the past”
    “I don’t know - I suppose it’s cos he never did it to me so it didn’t affect me”

    (Jane Fonda)
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    Too busy with his taxi firm to care
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    That's not a video I'd want to watch
  18. Harry Angstrom

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    My question would be who else is there Jane?
  19. I wouldn't be too sure about that. He was mates with Epstein and rode the 'Lolita express' to his island. On top of that his and Hilary's charity work in Haiti just to name one place have some very dark rumours involving child trafficking.

    I must say that I'd never heard of that before.
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  20. Fucking hell man. :lol:

    With that kind of joined up thinking you could accuse anyone on this forum of being a nonce:

    You use the internet, the internet contains child porn, you must therefore be downloading child porn, you must enjoy child child porn, you probably groom kids.

    You disgust me.

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