Harry McKirdy - Carlisle

Rip Van Fish

I had actually. Only from Quest mind you, I checked on his stats again only last week. I didn't see the game on Friday, but was aware he'd scored.

Another player I'm watching out for is Charlie Kirk.
Rather have Captain Kirk me like.
Proven track record.
To go boldly where no man has gone before


Strange that. Looking at the list of released players they're probably some of the bigger earners. Adam Collin is the main keeper.
Yeah Mike Jones too. Must be needing to save money, at least until know what is happening with next season.


He's getting released at Carlisle @gipetto

Seems to be hit and miss amongst their fans.For free could be worth a punt, but if he was well thought of, you wouldn't have thought Carlisle would have released him, unless of course they couldn't agree a deal and his head's been turned. There'll definitely be teams interested.
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With half of our team out of contract, it wouldnt hurt to look at players like this.

Cheap and cheerful.