Harry kane just scored from the half way line


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Gotta say though ... atmosphere was shite, which was to be expected, a few hardcore Juve in the corner to us on the left who were decent and a minor few spurs.

50k turnout which was good but it had a very friendly air to it.

Sat a full 90 minutes and didn’t hear one “you’re fuckin shite you man” ... wasn’t right :lol:

The PL is huge out here in Asia and I’m not sure so about the super league but what it is doing is paving the way for the worlds best stars to come here and pick up one last huge payday as the fans out here are super fans.

We’re staying at the Mandarin Oriental and we’ve got the whole Spurs team & club staying here so getting out and back in last night was quite the ordeal with police, fans and hotel staff trying to keep the fans out of the hotel.

All in all a good day, got to see Ronaldo play and Harry Kane scoring from the halfway line was insane.
You must have been at the other end of the ground because the Spurs ultras were out in full force mate, you wouldn’t want it to kick off with this lot around. :lol:

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Fuck off man. He's hit the ball towards goal with enough power to get there. Nothing to see here. Cant remember anyone enthusing over Maguires for Scotland. Not high profile enough?
So because Maguire’s goal didn’t get a headline rating, we aren’t supposed to admire Kane’s goal? Strange logic!:rolleyes: