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Happy National Tea Day...

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Paddy O'Dors, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Albay3037

    Albay3037 Winger

    Just finished a cup of Thompson's Decaf tea. Very nice cuppa
  2. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    Yorkshire tea :cool:
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  3. becs

    becs Striker Contributor

    Drinking a mug of coffee here because I'm a rebel.
  4. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker


    5th a last cup of the day.
  5. Rington's Kenya Gold brewed and quaffed... piping hot, full of tea. Delicious.
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  6. Tex

    Tex Striker

    And then lost the empire and all our heavy industry.

    Never mind that other countries like Japan were kicking our arses in manufacturing, the unions said we MUST have a break for tea twice a day or else we're walking out. Well done tea drinkers.
  7. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Winger

    I love tea, me. Hate people with cheap coffee breath - each to their own. Nothing beats loose leaf Assam in an infuser.
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  8. I like a drop of Assam.
    Just had a pot of tea up at Hownsgill, with my sausage and egg sandwich, or bap, as some call it.
    No idea what type of tea it was, but it was lovely.
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  9. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Winger

    Ohh. Years since I had a sausage sarnie...Maybe I shouldn't say that on here! But it would HAVE to be with tea. Never coffee. :lol:
  10. Which part of Yorkshire is the tea grown in?

    Ambidextrous/AC-DC cos I drink both...
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
  11. you were doing so well
  12. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    Japan could take advantage of not being able to spend money on arms after world war 2 by spending on manufacturing. Same as Germany. Don't try and blame anything else.
  13. Tea's so good now that everyone's abandoned their pub crawls and taken up "Tea Room crawls".
  14. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Hey oop. 'Arrogate lad.

    Cannit see the point in drinking decaf shite. Might as well just have some watter.
  15. HarrogateMackem

    HarrogateMackem Striker

    Factories the end of my street :cool:
  16. Tex

    Tex Striker

    Aye reeto. You're right. The unions and their ridiculous demands had absolutely nowt to do with bringing British industry to its knees.

    Ps between 1978-1979 there were 523 walkouts at British Leyland's Longbridge plant costing some GBP 400 million in lost production.
  17. Wilfy

    Wilfy Striker

    Well the employers should grace treated the staff better.

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