Half Life Aly

Trailer is out

Not sure about the humour of conchords dude, his voice just sticks out too much and it’s a bit Gearbox but, er, well it’s definitely Half Life! This should shift a fuckton of Valves new Index VR headset.
Edit: fucking hell! It’s ALYX damned phone!!
New info just in.

For anyone concerned about length, it’s roughly the same as Half Life 2!
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Reserve Squad
Aye no bother 900 quid for something thats still a gimmick and will get used for five minutes at a time. Every six months. Fuck off


Only its not. Its neither HL3 nor HL2: Ep 3

Its actually HL 1.5 - its set between HL1 and HL2.

Looks good, but I can't see many people buying a VR headset for it. Hopefully, when it bombs, they'll release a non-VR Version.
This is what I’m hoping. Been waiting an age for this but am I fuck forking out for a VR headset just so those little bastard headcrabs can make me shit myself.