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Hales and Stokes

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by WCC, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    Makes you wonder where you would draw the line.

    1) 5 more punches

    2) Stotting his head off the pavement a few times

    3) Picking up the bottle himself and smashing it in the lads face

    4) Killing someone

    5) Nothing would be too far.

    Where exactly would you draw the line on Stokes going to far?
  2. To be honest I'd rather see idiots like that wiped out of society if they want to wave glass bottles around outside in public, so basically any of the above applies.
  3. I'm absolutely certain if a close family member or very good friend of yours got pissed and waved a glass bottle about and had hid head bounced off the pavement repeatedly and killed as punishment you'd think exactly the same way
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  4. DaveAngel

    DaveAngel Midfield

    There's absolutely no way you know if he will go to jail for it

    So why are you pretending you do?

    That's not what happened

    So it's an absolutely fucking stupid post

    Well done.

    I'll go and smash a glass bottle over your son's head, I'm sure you'll be fine with that. Ffs

    Very sensible and can't disagree with a word of that


    What the fuck? You've lost the plot here marra. Jesus.
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  5. I would. Be his/her own daft fault for acting like a dickhead and been a threat to the general public.
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  6. Steak Pie

    Steak Pie Striker

    Where do you draw the line then?

    One punch is too many, there's even a campaign with that exact title warning about the dangers of "accidentally" killing someone with one hit.

    So where do you stop then? Stand aside and not get involved? One punch? Five? Ten?

    There's a lot of people with a lot of self-righteous indignation here, a lot of people claiming they would have handled the situation a lot different. Oh yes, well I've decreed that the 9th punch was too far, I would have stopped after the 8th and I hope they throw the book at him. It's a load of old bollocks.

    I hope none of you are ever in a situation where someone is trying to shove a deadly weapon in your face, but if you ever are, I guarantee you will lose your shit. And if you can manage to fight your attacker off, but then snap back into a calm and rational person making reasoned judgments in a split second, then you're a better man than I.
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  7. viccarlton

    viccarlton Striker

    Please point me to where I said he will?
    He's already suffering the consequences of his actions, dropped by a sponsor, omitted from touring party that will travel (for now) to Australia.
    You really do have a poor grasp on reality don't you?
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  8. DaveAngel

    DaveAngel Midfield

    I thought you did

    Well lots have people have found him guilty before he's even been charged!
  9. Really? You really believe that that would justify killing someone?

    Do you have any concept of proportionate response?
  10. brandon

    brandon Striker

    So how would you define it? If not the actual dictionary definition.......?
  11. I guess you’re right then.

    But I still say he is the one in the wrong
  12. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    Its not a trick question. You yourself has said that you don't believe he went to far? There has to be line where anyone goes to far? Where would that line have been for you?

    Again you are missing the point. Whether or not Stokes gets charged or not doesn't determine whether or not he has done something badly wrong. When the dust settles and Stokes comes out with his side of the story I have no doubt he will admit to doing things wrong and wishing he had done things differently. Time will tell.
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  13. If your own mates say 'say Stokesy that's enough' , if your own mates try and pull you back.

    That's tells you a story basically that you have gone too far.

    If he did no wrong why were his own mates not encouraging him?

    Maybe I am mistaken but I only seen one bloke waving a bottle, yet Stokes going after two, does the other bloke deserve to be wiped out of society purely by association.

    If the people defending him and I can see their point of view only admitted he went too far that would make sense.

    To actually say he has done nothing wrong at all is ridiculous!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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  14. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    You trying to say Stokes has got a good reputation?
  15. He has in my house, been spot on with us.
  16. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    And Dave Angel liked the post. In short we have been arguing with two posters who are happy enough to support that if you are waving a bottle around you are fair game to be hunted down and killed. Is this really happening. If Stokes was reading this he would be far more annoyed and embarrassed at that type of stuff in support of him than people being critical of his actions.
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  17. DaveAngel

    DaveAngel Midfield

    It's completely laughable you've found him guilty already

    He's not even been charged yet ffs

    As Bumble says if your son wakes up in hospital with glass in his eye I suspect your reaction would be different

    Don't let that mob mentality stop you though. Keep reading the sun mate I can see it's helping to shape your views

    I'm being a bit over the top there but so aye you.

    Aye he has, you've probably never met him, you just judge him on an internet message board
  18. Bri

    Bri Winger

    What prior to this makes you think he hasn't?
  19. rentaghost

    rentaghost Striker

    Nobody has found him guilty in the eyes of the law yet. Plenty believe he is guilty of really poor behaviour and it wouldn't surprise me if Stokes himself is one of them.
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  20. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Don't be a pedant.

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