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  1. MackemLad

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    Was reading in 442 that he said we accepted a loan bid of 7m from Al Ain without asking him and told him he needed to go as we needed the money. He did also say he couldn’t turn down the money to go but was basically forced out. A bit like what Bent and Henderson have both said in recent years in terms of bids being accepted when they didn’t really want to leave as the money was too good
  2. super noodles

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    Why do football fans think players with absolutely no connection to a club are going to stay loyal after being offered more money elsewhere? Particularly when they only joined for money in the first place. You wouldn't think a builder was an arsehole for moving to a construction company abroad to quintuple his salary.
  3. He's come out of retirement already at the request of the President of Ghana:lol:
  4. bassman

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    I remember reading this too, I'm sure it this interview where he also stated once he retires he will do everything in his power to help us get back to the Premier League, whatever that means
  5. George Kaplan

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    crossing his fingers?
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  6. steve30000

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    If you're already rich as fuck, where do you stop?

    Exactly how much does a multi millionaire need?

    Its pure greed
  7. Boy

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    Bruce put some of the best players on the park I’ve seen at Sunderland.
    I’m sure I once saw Welbeck, Malbranque, Gyan and Sess in the same side.
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  8. Coeus

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    I agree, Sess & Gyan, in particular, were calibre of players I did not think we would ever see at Sunderland. Some say that 10 years in the prem was shit, I didn't think so.
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  9. MackneyHackem

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    And the Rock of Gibraltar. :cool:
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  10. Boy

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    Let’s face it, if wasn’t a crock we probably wouldn’t have got him.
    What a player?
  11. sunderpitt

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    Meanwhile the legend that is Dozy Cannotscore, has managed to net a tennis superstar..engaged to Slone Stephen's..
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  12. jimb

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    Class that goal vs england, at that point we should have said 25 million starting bid to Al Ain. Typical safc to virtually give away our good players though.
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  13. offmenut

    offmenut Striker

    Should have had loyalty to our fan base who had loved him for sbout 14 months. Folk who stay loyal to us like honeyman and Catts become legends and always get our backing
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  14. The Falcon

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    Fleeced but still a multi millionaire, hidden away now to keep others off it!
  15. Mboma

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    Seems to be a trait of players from that part of the world to pick money over anything else, probably because most come from nothing.

    He was a superb player and the only thing we really fucked up on is getting such a tiny transfer fee for such a talented player, the fee should have been much more.
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  16. legend7

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    But they weren't, bearing in mind our window was shut all they had to say was he wasnt for sale.
    Both equally to blame imo.
  17. Adamoah

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    Fucking murderer

    You're forgetting the finest footballer of this generation, Nedum Onuhoa
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  18. bobpc30

    bobpc30 Winger

    Skint, how????
  19. So he has retired from work with a shed load of money, Job done really then ain’t it
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  20. beezer

    beezer Full Back

    I’m not sure who’s telling the truth on this one. Remember some quotes from Quinn that Gyan had been unsettled all summer, they thought they’d got him to stay, then the day after our window closed Gyan turned up at the training ground with his agent and a couple of Arabs (or awabs) wanting to push the deal through there and then.

    The strange thing was, the night before Gyan was tweeting how he was looking forward to playing with bentdner who we’d just signed on loan. I suspect all parties just saw the money and then it’s been a case of finger pointing and saving face.
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