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Not sure how we only got our money back on him. Surely we could of got a huge fee for him if they could afford to pay those sort of wages
Didn't his salary escalate from £50k a week before UK tax to £250k a week untaxed. No-brainer move
£30k I think. Never blamed him for taking it. Blamed the club for thinking loaning him out was a good idea. Only just about made our money back after he had a decent season and was in form for Ghana. Criminal we didn’t at least make a profit.


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Class player. Proper twat for not turning down such huge amounts to stay at a club who were happy to shift him and of which he had no affiliation.
People forget, he donated a large amount of it to a local charity. What a greedy fool.

Great player and his superstar status from the WC 2010 gave our club a lot of international attention.
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No affiliation? How many players have an affiliation when signing for a new club? We offered him the best terms available at the time(3 year contract ) which is why he signed for us, the minute someone offered more he was gone (after 1 year of the 3 years) which makes him a greedy twat in my eyes. I'm sure the club would have been happy for him to stay
They wanted rid. He was being a bad influence and came back that season looking like he didn't give 2 fucks and unfit. Quinny asked about to gauge reaction if he let him go and they said they wouldn't give 2 fucks with the state he was in at the time and playing like shite. So he let him go.

People forget, he donated a large amount of it to a local charity. What a greedy fool.
Didnt he promise the Foundation a shit load of cash and then never donate?
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Probably, but it’s a no brainer doubling ya money for a fraction of the effort. Some people can’t see anything without red and white glasses on.
That might be your way of thinking but I’d rather have a career in the premier league earning 100k a week than tossing it off in Dubai for 200k.
You’re still rich beyond your wildest dreams.


That tosser cut n paste was all outraged when a tabloid had the nerve to publish a story that we were touting him around. Tweeting etc.

We were.


Used to watch him out there every now and again.
Just like a training game for him, until he got bored and decided to score a goal or two.
Took the money when offered; his choice.
But it obviously hasn't worked out for him the way he would have wanted.
What might have been?