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  1. JO1912

    JO1912 Full Back

    Not sure how we only got our money back on him. Surely we could of got a huge fee for him if they could afford to pay those sort of wages
  2. Richie K

    Richie K Winger

    Why would he turn down 240k a week to stay at Sunderland on 30k a week.

    Plus the club wanted to get rid of him anyway.

    Some people are so bitter.
  3. What A Waster

    What A Waster Winger

    Never heard of him
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  4. joemcdokes

    joemcdokes Striker

    At least he went for the money and not for footballing reasons like someone else.
  5. steven

    steven Winger

    "Asomoah Grant" :lol: :lol:
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  6. FalkirkMackem

    FalkirkMackem Midfield

    Exactly. He's been 100% honest too in saying how he couldn't turn it down. I'd do exactly the same, class player
  7. £30k I think. Never blamed him for taking it. Blamed the club for thinking loaning him out was a good idea. Only just about made our money back after he had a decent season and was in form for Ghana. Criminal we didn’t at least make a profit.
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  8. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

    He was paid roughly £200,000 pw there and was paid roughly £30,000 pw here.

    Strange that folk question his choice imo.
  9. deodrant2

    deodrant2 Winger

    Probably, but it’s a no brainer doubling ya money for a fraction of the effort. Some people can’t see anything without red and white glasses on.
  10. LostTheDressingRoom

    LostTheDressingRoom Goalkeeper

    A 667% pay increase, as if anyone would say no to that
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  11. cmmackem

    cmmackem Central Defender

    People forget, he donated a large amount of it to a local charity. What a greedy fool.

    Great player and his superstar status from the WC 2010 gave our club a lot of international attention.
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  12. Giddup Sausage!

    Giddup Sausage! Striker

    They wanted rid. He was being a bad influence and came back that season looking like he didn't give 2 fucks and unfit. Quinny asked about to gauge reaction if he let him go and they said they wouldn't give 2 fucks with the state he was in at the time and playing like shite. So he let him go.

    Didnt he promise the Foundation a shit load of cash and then never donate?
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  13. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

  14. cbwhu

    cbwhu Winger

    Ye, offer me a truck load of cash or being a legend at a club I had no feeling for before signing on another continent and I know what I'd rather retire with
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  15. Plank

    Plank Striker

    Baby Jet.

    Anyone saying they wouldn't have made that move is a liar. :lol:
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  16. palm 1

    palm 1 Winger

    That might be your way of thinking but I’d rather have a career in the premier league earning 100k a week than tossing it off in Dubai for 200k.
    You’re still rich beyond your wildest dreams.
  17. chuckyroll

    chuckyroll Striker

    Why are so many of our fans bitter and twisted over some ex players. Darren Bents a **** like !
  18. Pepe

    Pepe Striker

    That tosser cut n paste was all outraged when a tabloid had the nerve to publish a story that we were touting him around. Tweeting etc.

    We were.
  19. BNM

    BNM Winger

    Used to watch him out there every now and again.
    Just like a training game for him, until he got bored and decided to score a goal or two.
    Took the money when offered; his choice.
    But it obviously hasn't worked out for him the way he would have wanted.
    What might have been?
  20. Tidied...

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