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  1. Nig

    Nig Midfield

    Got bored with gta gameplay and never finished it yet me and a few mates played online regularly for years ps3/ps4

    Red dead is opposite, loved the game and finished it but although still playing online with some of same mates it is somewhat lacking.

    Im interested to see what they add post beta but can't help thinking red dead is limited online ???
    GTA was a draw for us mainly for car racing etc. We are thinking of going back on it.

    Whats your thoughts and any ideas what might be added to RDR online etc ?
  2. They desperately need to add something cos let's be honest it's pretty boring atm. The new battle royale mode is shite. They should definitely put mini games in it, like maybe add a hunting or fishing competition against other players. Five finger fillet, poker blackjack need to be added immediately. Make the law go after griefers who gun down innocent players.

    Down the line I think they will add player generated missions, train heists, bank robbery bounty hunting etc.

    Tbh the reason I stopped playing gta online was partly griefers and partly that they took too long to add anything interesting to do. I can see RDO going the same way for me atm which is such a shame.
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  3. Nig

    Nig Midfield

    The battle royale is crap as you say and the races aren't much better.

    Fishing comp is a good shout, we do a lot of fishing in a posse and hunting/herb collecting etc.

    Much of that gets boring and its the party chat banter that keeps us going whilst saving some cash towards upgrades.

    Definitely need a none greifer lobby or passive mode like gta but we have noticed less griefers lately.

    Seems less players on maps possibly due to people leaving the game through boredom ?
    Also it seems most high level players who were possible griefers concentrating more on the game now.

    Seems to be the odd newbs mainly who grief but they soon get bored of getting shot to pieces and hogtied by a posse of higher rank players :D
  4. Yeah during the week there's less griefers but weekends seem to be full of kids who just want to kill you as you leave a shop defenceless or when you approach the Butcher.

    Theyre planning to change the player blips so they're proximity based. This is all fine when you're out in the wilds but when I'm hunting I rarely get any hassle, its always when I go to sell. I always check the towns out for blips before deciding which one to head to to sell. Now I won't know if there's 20 people in valentine waiting to gank me or not until I get there.

    Like you say a dunce hat lobby is needed ASAP.

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