Greggs Xmas Festive Bakes

Discussion in 'SMB' started by B-52_Bomber, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    They give me heartburn like buggery, yet for some strange reason I got some from Iceland the other week and they didnt.

    I'm sure they're exactly the same, so will continue this experiment. Will they do the christmas ones at Iceland?
  2. How can they give you heartburn if they are frozen...think about it you daft twat.
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  3. Slow joe

    Slow joe Midfield

    No dicksons next door to greggs.
  4. Mince pies are Shan.
  5. Beaker

    Beaker Winger

    Greggs has never been the same since they binned of the chicken and veg pies.
  6. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Jesus that's low. Frozen greggs from Iceland.
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  7. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    When it comes to food there’s no depths I won’t stoop too!

    I’ve even considered the frozen donner kebabs!
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  8. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    That's Horrendous
  9. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    Next time I’m down, I might just give it a whirl!

    I’ll naturally provide feedback.
  10. Bishop Boy

    Bishop Boy Striker

    I’ve eaten worse.
  11. yamar1

    yamar1 Striker

    Apart from theres nee steak in it.

    The signature steak burgers they do are quality on a bbq. Bit late in the year now though.
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  12. karlm14

    karlm14 Striker

    Best thing from Greggs is the Latte’s. Fucking love a Greggs latte me. Wish I could buy the coffee in ground form
  13. Dendinho

    Dendinho Striker

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  14. box2box

    box2box Striker

    What's in it ?
  15. Rusty

    Rusty Midfield

    They are identical made in the same factory some shipped to stores some frozen and boxed.
  16. errant

    errant Striker

    Morrison’s sell parmo’s from their chill cabinets... you don’t even have to be drunk to be served either!
  17. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

    November 8th.

    My birthday - what a fucking fantastic present
  18. Frijj

    Frijj Striker Contributor

  19. CatRyan

    CatRyan Striker

    :lol: my hero, finding me when I got lost and helping me get hot salt and lard food
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  20. squashjoe

    squashjoe Striker

    Robinsons pies and pasties in Wingate are by far the best.

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