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Greatest Sportsman Ever

Discussion in 'SMB' started by scotch, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Its fucking obvious man every bit of evidence points to it

    If one favourite is 10/1 and an other is 6/4 the its obviously more difficult for the 10/1 shot to win

    Probably only 4 people have a realistic chance of winning a darts tournament where ad 50 + have a golf one
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  2. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

  3. MSC

    MSC Winger

    Good shout.
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  4. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

    I don’t suppose Mayweather’s worth a shout...?


    Hamilton? Schuey?
  5. That already been explained, ar the start of a golf tournament up to 50 are capable of winning which is proved by the variety of winners each week and the odds reflect that.
  6. kingmob

    kingmob Central Defender

    Alex Honnold, maybe not the greatest sportsman of all time but I reckon he's got the greatest sporting achievement of all time. If you class climbing as a sport.
  7. nahwee

    nahwee Midfield

    Not even close. Compare his achievements to those of Eddie Merckx.
  8. Bulwell

    Bulwell Central Defender

    Michael Jordan.

    It has to be a top level sport that needs athleticism and he dominated his.
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  9. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    She still does. The only reason it was taken away from her was because of the drug cheats.

    I don’t care if she was paced by men or antelopes.... she ran 26.2 miles faster than any other woman ever, without relying on drugs, and nobody has eaten it yet.

    Pretty amazing in my book.
  10. Arkle

    Arkle Striker Contributor

    I was referring to her not paced by men run in 2005, which was registered as the record (as opposed to her world best when running with men). That got broken by a Kenyan legally in 2017. She still holds the world best.

    Marathon records are odd things though as the times are very, very dependent on the specificis of the course. (I guess that applies to road races of all distances.)
  11. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Sam Aiston.
  12. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    Then a large Poker tournament is even more difficult. These people are ultimate sportsmen.

    Main event WSOP. I rest my case.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  13. In my lifetime... Roger Federer
  14. Youd argue black in white just cos you can
  15. MSC

    MSC Winger

    A less ridiculous offering than Lance Armstrong tbf. :eek::D:lol:
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  16. Johnap

    Johnap Midfield Contributor

    Muhammed Ali
    Jesse Owens
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  17. Junior Birdman

    Junior Birdman Striker

    I've enjoyed playing both snooker and darts but calling them sport is a bit of a push. More of a past time I'd say. Having said that, there were some fine athletic specimens competing in both when I was growing up. Bill Werbeniuk springs to mind.
  18. ouro

    ouro Striker

    My like is for the best boxer of all time and real Sugar Ray, not the other fellow.
  19. PrisonBroken

    PrisonBroken Central Defender

    No sure if seb but eddy merckx and Tony McCoy were both canny
  20. Lord Potts

    Lord Potts Winger

    I would certainly say Ali because it was he who proved that big men could box skillfully and that they didn't have to be just sluggers who could take endless punishment

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