Great to see gigs back on at Cluny2....

....that are likely to take place in the near future. Socially distant seating arrangement and it seems common for bands to be playing two shows a night.

Nothing scheduled appeals to me personally but good to see bands back. Good luck to all concerned at the venue.



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Had tickets for Holy Fuck so hoping somethings rearranged there. I fancy Porridge Radio and Dry Cleaning too.
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herra soul mob

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They supported From The Jam at Middlesbrough last year or 2018, very entertaining. I suspect they may be sick of playing Turning Japanese however.
aye, saw them at durham uni about 1981, day we played the champions to be aston villa at herm. wouldn't care, 'news at ten', follow up single is far better.
Lad at work is in the Smoking Spitfires, he'll be delighted to be back

We were due to see him in his Style Council tribute just as lockdown started