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Great North Run

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Joe Public, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Andy™

    Andy™ Striker

    Could it not be tendonitis? I had it in both sides of each foot a few months back.
  2. Mine's not massively painful but still a bit swollen. Pain is at the top just below the ankle. Going to give it a couple more days rest (not got much choice as my legs don't work:lol:) and see whether it clears up.
    Despite not enjoying Sunday I want to keep the training going so I have a solid base when I start training for the Sunderland Half next year.
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  3. Harbour Boy

    Harbour Boy Midfield

    Might well be. Pain is in the inside of the side of my foot.
  4. MagicRat

    MagicRat Midfield

    Thanks mate, I run for a club in Consett. I do a lot of running, it's a bit of an addiction :)
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  5. CornedBeefIsland

    CornedBeefIsland Midfield

    I'm getting that way. Just not as fast as you!
  6. D.A

    D.A Striker

    After a crap year of running and putting weight on, been training well the last few weeks. Enjoying it and feels like I'm getting my speed back. Give me 5 years and I'll be beating rat
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  7. safc_graeme

    safc_graeme Winger

    2.12ish with only 2 10km runs under my belt as training. Painful and my hamstrings didn't enjoy it at all.

    Going to continue now I know I've still got the stamina for the distance though and aim for a 1:30 next year which is about 10 mins off my PB
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  8. My legs are almost back to normal today. Might try a 5k in the morning.
    Still trying to think of some positives from it.
    Friend who I started run with thought that the 'I am running for' thing that people pinned to their backs was compulsory. She wasn't running for charity so wrote 'personal challenge'.:lol: Probably the highlight of my day.
    Also saw a lad drop and smash his phone just before the start line. I did feel sorry for him but it was funny.
    Last mile was a relief as I knew it was downhill and it was nearly over.

    I suspect I may kill if I ever hear someone shout "Oggy, Oggy, Oggy" again.
    Metro queues.
    Alan Robson got right on my tits at the start.
    Some woman elbowed me in the neck whilst trying to take a selfie and do the warm up at the same time.
    My views on certain fancy dress fundraisers are best kept to myself.
    I was close to arguing with someone who shouted "You're doing well" at about mile eleven.:oops:
    Special mention to the couple who thought their sprint finish whilst holding hands was more important than anyone else so elbowed me out of the way.
    Walkers. Fair enough if you overdo it and by ten miles your legs give up. To be ambling along chatting to your mates less than a mile in is an insult to people who couldn't get into the race. (Fair play to the woman with a sign on her back apologising for walking due to a recent knee injury).
  9. becs

    becs Striker Contributor

    My favourite that I've spotted was someone whose sign said I am running for "the sheer damn hell of it" :lol:
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  10. The first 'character' I spotted was walking through Newcastle University. Really badly dyed hair. Head to toe in Union Jack gear including trainers apart from he had one Union Jack sock and one Stars and Stripes. He had written an essay on his. He was running for Help For Heroes but I couldn't read the rest of it and it's probably just as well.
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  11. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Something tells me you're not quite in to the spirit of things.
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  12. MagicRat

    MagicRat Midfield

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  13. He has made valid points based on his experiences.

    I was quite shocked when I first did a half marathon in about 2006 as I still thought that runner's etiquette was being upheld. The biggest letdown for me was the mad scramble at the first water point, elbows everywhere, some took one sip of a bottle or cup and then hoyed it away regardless of who was nearby.

    When I first started to run for exercise in the early 90s each passing runner would at least acknowledge you but it's very hit and miss nowadays.
  14. TheStevieB

    TheStevieB Goalkeeper

    My first HM and ran 1:57:01. Pleased with under 2 hours as I had to stop 3 times as my Achilles was killing Due to the injury which I picked up 7 weeks ago.
    I missed a few weeks of training which showed in the last 3 mile as I was shattered.
  15. Andy™

    Andy™ Striker

    Wankers dropping water bottles on the road in front of them instead of throwing them to the kerb nearly cost me my entire race on Sunday.
  16. :lol:
    I'm a cheerful sort usually.
    They are just taunting me now. Got an email about my official photos and this is it.:lol:
  17. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Central Defender

    I'll be honest mate, I'm not a fan of the GNR, so I agree with your cons :lol:
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  18. D.A

    D.A Striker

    Short arse in the iliuminous yella?
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  19. Mackem00

    Mackem00 Striker

    What a miserable twat. :lol:
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