Great albums you've only recently discovered

It goes with the gear dunnit? You can’t be listening to owt else dressed in the clothes whilst dangling your boat shoe-clad feet off the edge of the marina.
The only boat you'll be anywhere near is the one dumped in the farmers field down the bottom of the 'stan.
'Mindgames' Sjunne Ferger.
A instant balearic classic. Reminds me in some ways of 'E2-E4' by Manuel Göttsching.

'Heavy Weather' Weather Report
Jazz funk you can actually listen to.
Waiting for @Sneech to wade in with disgust and inform me I've gone a bit 'yacht rock'-ish
I will check out the White Island recommendation as I am in need of some of that stuff soon.

assuming it’s on Spotify?
Not recently discovered, cos I've been aware of it for as long as it's been available, but I'm currently 7 tracks in to my first ever listen-though of Horses by Patti Smith. It's a bit too angsty and trying-a-bit-too-hard-to-be-deep-and-meaningful for my liking, so doubt it'll get a second listen-through.
Moments of Clarity by Professor Yaffle.
The best thing I have heard in years.Its only a couple of years old,but cannot believe I have never heard him before.steve Mason,the aliens,beta band type,Gruff Rhys,maybe a bit acid jazz hoyed in.