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Good Luck to The Wench

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Sneech, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Sneech

    Sneech Striker

    On her new job today. :)
  2. the wench

    the wench Goalkeeper

    Thanks Chesney!

    Canny good , day flew over and nobody bothered speaking to me. Can't ask for more than that:lol:
  3. Barry Siddall

    Barry Siddall Striker

    where what ?
  4. King Niall

    King Niall New Member

    Barmaid at the deaf club;)
  5. Sneech

    Sneech Striker

    Sabbatical in Gods Country.

    So you can stop sending her those little home made 'gifts' in the internal mail system.
  6. DocSavage

    DocSavage Central Defender

    I always send flowers to the new workplace. stuns them...and also new workmates who in a girls world think you are a god for doing it! No dodgy motives like! :neutral:
  7. Gideon Gungeon

    Gideon Gungeon Striker

    pathetic mate. imo
  8. Where what who?
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