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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by mackem1979, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Anyone playing this?

    I’ve been hammering it for a few months and found myself in a Man Utd supporters clan!

    Any SMB or SAFC clans out there?
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  2. Been playing it a couple of weeks now, decent fun.

    Oddly, when I went to join a clan there was one called * Sunderland AFC * top of the list :D:cool:

    Still playing for 3k a game as I don't want to hit a bad run and have nowt in the bank - got about 80k and a bunch of shite clubs.

    Any idea what the red gems are actually useful for? I just seem to be accumulating them atm, got about 350.
  3. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    When I was starting out I used red gens to buy coins after lost games as it gives you and option once a day to buy 3x your lost stake.

    Now I use them to buy good balls as the ability to spin them and resist wind is important on later holes.

    I’m playing 100k games and have just over 5m coins but haven’t got the bottle for 300k games!

    Once you get onto 10k games your earnings will rise quite noticeably I reckon.
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  4. Or the opposite - I had about 50k and lost it trying to step up too soon :lol:

    Never thought about buying balls with gems; probably a good idea as i'm running short. Thx.

    EDIT: Just had a look at the gem costs on the balls; why would you ever bulk buy them? There's no advantage, they still cost the same per ball :lol::oops:
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  5. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Hmm good point.

    Having balls that spin are useful for green shots and sudden death like.
  6. Taggartis

    Taggartis Midfield

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  7. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Nice one cheers, can I be rude and ask how the clan is doing and if there’s much crack?

    The one I’m in is doing ok, 20 odd thousand trophies but Man U fans and not much patter!
  8. I wasn't saying that they weren't useful (they definitely are); just that the pricing was odd.

    Can't see it... can see quite a few safc clans, but none just called safc.
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  9. Pricey

    Pricey Central Defender

    Keep an eye on the shop where you can buy club cards using gems and use those gems to buy club cards to increase the ability of your clubs.

    As you progress you'll begin to see that clubs and special balls :)lol:) are the key to winning games.

    There's a website I use now that helped me figure out how to powerslice, powerhook and the very important power slice/hook with max curl to essentially smash the ball in a straight line without having to hit perfect.
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  10. Gone back to the *Sunderland AFC* group.

    What's going on with your group @Taggartis? Which group is it?

    Powerslice you say?? Well I know what i'll be losing all my money attempting now :lol:
  11. Taggartis

    Taggartis Midfield

    You may not be meeting the minimum level lol
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  12. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Central Defender

    I av been bashing it for about a year now :D. Played about 2000 games . Addictive I think. The tie break is the only thing that does my head in a bit , only when you have to go first, but it evens itself out tbf
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  13. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    What’s the minimum level mate ?

    Also, is there much crack in the clan ?
  14. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Central Defender

    The clans are shit I find. What's ya percentage ratio ?
  15. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    48, I’m gold 1843 at the minute, got about 6m coins but haven’t got the bottle for 1m coin games!
  16. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Central Defender

    Fookin hell the most coins av ever racked up is about 600k
  17. Taggartis

    Taggartis Midfield

    Professional 1. Not much craic tbf. Its golf
  18. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Ha, too much time on my hands maybe? I’ve played about 3.5k games now.

    Fair enough, I’m in with Manc supporters, they’re a canny bunch but haven’t got much to say.
  19. Cox Green Fc

    Cox Green Fc Central Defender

    ItS a killer losing them 100k games like
  20. mackem1979

    mackem1979 Winger

    Aye mate I remember the first one I played my heart rate went up!

    I’ve just won a 300k game but really can’t being myself to play a 1m game just yet like.
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