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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Its Him Again, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Son of Stan

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    Ahh. That digital clock. Time running out and our lives are fleeting etc - as it started again once Macbeth died. A bit of a clunky device I thought. I didn't mind Niamh Cusack at least she gave it a go (and tbf Lady Macbeth is an irritating bint) but I was hugely disappointed with Eccleston.
  2. glen

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    The school i work in, had a 2 day trip to london, not long after the terroist incident outside parliament a couple of years ago. It was an english department trip and included a theatre show in the evening.

    I was asked to go as i have been on a lot of sporting residetial trips.

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, i like the theatre, but give me a play or a comedy anytime, i hate musicals. And what were we booked to see? Matilda. It was an understatement to say i wasn't looking forward to this part of the trip, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Not so much The Lion King, for the same trip 12 months later.
  3. Mackem Dave

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    Those musicals about bands are canny. Seen the kinks one and the small faces.

    Really want to go see Hamilton like. Love the sondtrack
  4. Cheesy Feet

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    That'll be my next one but tickets are extortionate at the moment for it...about £200 face value from the proper outlet.
  5. Tomma

    Tomma Midfield

    A friend of mine plays Mickey in the Blood Brothers tour, and was part of the 'Dream Cast'.
    *bends to pick up the dropped name!
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  6. EDGE

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    Was he in the one that played the Empire a few months ago?

    Saw the SF one. Missed the Kinks. Hopefully it tours again soon.
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  7. Saw the SF one too - very good.
  8. Tomma

    Tomma Midfield

    Yes he did the Empire
  9. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    Give my compliments to him and the rest of the cast. Had me crying like a baby....the bassa!
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  10. Tomma

    Tomma Midfield

    Haha, I will do. He's been doing it for years and years but is still amazing.
    He's actually married to an actress who used to play Mrs Lyons (the posh one) - that must have been a bit weird when they were in the same cast.
  11. taipeisafc

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    My daughter loves that and wants to go an see it. I struggle with musicals - for some reason I find them all really contrived and annoying where they suddenly feel the need to sing, I even used to hate the songs in disney movies when I was a kid
  12. Mackem Dave

    Mackem Dave Central Defender

    Can pick up some alright seats for 75 each in September/October time
    Hopefully as I'd definitely see it again.
    Aye really good .I'd recommend the kinks one aswell. It's a very similar cast
    I'm not a huge musical fan but I love this one. Dunno if its because its hip hop style music or if it's because Ive only heard the soundtrack but it seems to flow really well without any jarring transitions into songs. There may be more in the full production though.
  13. Lukas73

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    Phantom was the biggest let down ever....
    Saigon was ok...
    Haven’t bothered since...
  14. Is it all amateur productions?
  15. Shamefully I've never been despite living round the corner. Never really had an interest in theatre but started dabbling in adapting my books so should really get my arse there to see how it's really done.
    Watched Cornered on Friday night and enjoyed it.
  16. tunstallhill

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    yeah. although there is some very experienced people involved. but its voluntary, in peoples spare time, the production, directors, actors, sound, lighting, costume, set designs, bar people etc..

    get yourself along, its great value for money, and every penny spent on tickets/bar etc.. goes back into the theatre to keep it running
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  17. tarantula

    tarantula Full Back

    Seen this last year and can verify it was brilliant... Laughed almost from start to finish
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  18. burb

    burb Midfield

    I fell through a theatre floor last week. Doctor says it was just a stage I was going through.
  19. I'm going to have a look. Something that I've put off over the years, guilty of having something on my doorstep and because it's that close I always think I'll go to the next one.
  20. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    We go every so often to The Royalty and it's always a decent night.....it's just making the effort after you've got in from work
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