Going for a walk

Great bloke Bob, play a bit of golf with him every now and then. Been tracking his progress all year when you see on a map Where he's walked by distance it's quality. He said the dog some days gave up :) :)
Not surprised, I love walking just as much as the next bloke and it’s what I’ll be doing in the morning but every single day is immense. I’m too hungover for at least a month of the year :lol:

I love walking used to strut for miles but over last few years they have numerous stops in pubs for food and drink so god knows in physical benefits. Good for the soul though
As a postie, I'm used to walk loads day in and day out tbh but never kept track of how much walking I do. Problem with me is when I get time off work like I am this next week, I will barely leave the house because walking is the last thing I want to do.

I might well end up doing something like what Bob in the news story up above has done and give myself a set distance to walk over the year and raise some money in the process.

I think 5k miles might be achievable if he can do it. It's only 13.67 miles per day....easy 😂
Wheres your Round Fred , know loads of Posties from Derwentside
Nice little stroll along the front earlier, alarm on for 6:30 going to have a fresh wonder through Hawthorne dene whilst it’s nice and peaceful. Back to work Tuesday :cry:
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