Going for a walk


Central Defender

Round Loweswater today, wind was the worst I've ever experienced haha...50+ mph
Well two days to go. I'm 0.4 mile from 1100 outdoor walking activity miles for the year and 32000 steps from 4 million for the year. Need to push myself these next two days. Had the plantar fasciitis injection two weeks ago which hasn't been too bad so far. Also currently done an outdoor walking activity walk of 1 mile for each day this year so far, another two days to go to hit my other target.

Big Jeff

Just got a computer for my bike so looking forward to trying it out today given how warm it is.

I want to see 30 mph+ so I am looking for some hills to go down.
Well that's me done for 2021

just gone over 4 million steps for the year
1108 outdoor walking activity miles - target was 1000
I've managed a walk every day this year of 1 mile or more which was a target.

Longest outdoor walk was 30 miles which was the Northern Saints Trail from Hartlepool to Durham Cathedral, highly recommended superb walk.

Not bad with a foot injury all year.

Start again tomorrow with the same targets. Yorkshire 3 Peaks in July to plan for assuming covid doesn't cancel it again.

Stay safe folks, enjoy and happy new year


I live at the end of 7 nature trails, so no excuses for not walking the dogs...but I've got a huge garden and wild land beyond, so the mutts are hardly short of excercise, so if you don't get going early, they're both knackered after a few hudred yards and we end up carrying them back.

Missus just said "fuck 'em, leave them at home"


As a postie, I'm used to walk loads day in and day out tbh but never kept track of how much walking I do. Problem with me is when I get time off work like I am this next week, I will barely leave the house because walking is the last thing I want to do.

I might well end up doing something like what Bob in the news story up above has done and give myself a set distance to walk over the year and raise some money in the process.

I think 5k miles might be achievable if he can do it. It's only 13.67 miles per day....easy 😂