Going for a walk


Anyone done skiddaw? Got it booked in for the 17th April
Beware if you do it in cloud, it has a false top. When I did it a load of people turned around thinking they had reached the top and looked at me as if I was mad when I carried on beyond them. I'm sure they were pissed off when the cloud cleared about half an hour later.

You can drop off to the right and come down to the old Youth Hostel which makes for a more interesting route than just straight up and down
Outstanding. I’m over the moon to have just passed 300 miles so far.
I'm just short of 400, set myself a target of 1500 for the year. I'll be walking to the foodbank to do a shift for them this afternoon which will tip me over the 400 :)
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I class golf as activity rather than exercise. It does involve about 15,000 steps on average though. My walking exercise is always over 4 mph which I don't maintain when I'm playing golf.
I reckon when I played golf a round would be closer to 30,000 steps. I was very shit at it.

Naismith's rule for estimating walking time is based on 3mph, which is about my pace.
The most difficult bit on the bad weather days is leaving the house. I did 3
miles earlier when it was drizzling and blowing a bastard. It was heavy going but I still enjoyed it and it stops my back and left hip stiffening up too badly.
A mate of mine who helped me get into running used to say that the hardest part was getting your kit on . I re-started running (couch to 5k) in the new year and have aimed for and usually achieved 4 mile every 3rd day . Until this week. The weather has been the worst this year . I have done 3 small house removals though which salves my conscience a little . Back to it tomorrow .


Over 500 mile for the year for this one. Over the lakes very soon for a change of setting. Not long now folks and we are free to walk where the bloody hell we want - buzzing.
You can walk anywhere can't you? No stop overs though
Went to lakes on Wednesday
Did an easy 8 or 9 mile
Drove back