Going for a walk

Jon Dough

Decent one today, did 25km yesterday 👍


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Set off at half 10 to just do a couple of miles to burn off the bacon and egg sandwich. Just got back there after 11.3 miles at 2 hours 4 minutes. Thought it was just a leisurely stroll but I’m quite impressed at a smidge under 5.5 mile an hour.

I’m ready for me lunch and a few Tetley Smooths now like.
My lass still isn’t right. We may have to put off our walk tomorrow if she’s still not better.

Which begs the question why are people going through it knowing they could end up being worse than without a jab.
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Jon Dough

Did 5km early this morning, I am normally an evening walker but did a circuit around London-Irish rugby grounds and the park, do a proper walk tonight 🚶‍♂️