Going for a walk


Working from home for the last 9 months has made me very lazy and 2 weeks over the holidays sat on the sofa didn't help either.

Been for a walk every day this year except yesterday. DId 5 miles this afternoon though I'm so out of shape it felt more like 10.

no aim no luck

When my twins are the age of my oldest now I hope we never spend another Sunday in the house.
never read the thread but will be taking all the destinations down


I seen that wish I signed up now

Just track your miles each day on a simple spreadsheet or pen and paper and use strava while you walk.

I'm doing the 1000 miles challenge, at least keeps you motivated to keep walking and aim towards something.

Clocked up 35 miles in 10 ten days around Washy but hopefully going to be able to get out on some long hikes again further afield on the weekends when the weather/restrictions allow.

Edit: Can see you already have started using strava!
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Walk most days after work, route varies but mainly coastal. Anything between 5-8 miles. Marvellous for body and spirit. Still do the treadmill and exercise bike for 'exercise', walking is solely for 'pleasure'.


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Little niggly pain in my left knee from yesterday but other than that I feel fine. Thought I’d be in agony this morning.