Going for a walk


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Miss walking to and from work, 3 miles each.

Soft as shite when it comes to the cold, winter bus for me.
Back into it in Feb/March

but wont be counting me steps, miles, or inches
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Walk every day as well, anywhere from 3 to 10 miles depending upon which f***ing lockdown we are in. Cannot be arsed with the gym any more and it's mainly ***** that cycle in Yorkshire so it's my main exercise now.
I forgot to add, my best walk by far was with my youngest son at 8yo, from whitby to robinhoods bay. I work away, so time with him is precious, he flagged towards the end, but made it. On the bus back to whitby he said the distance wasn’t his thing, but knew how much it meant to me, so it pushed him through. Welled up a little.
Saltburn to staithes is good as well.