Go North East to strike

At least there is a skeleton service between 9.30am and 2.30pm which lets me mam do a bit of essential shopping and saves me a 25 mile round trip. Not much good if your depending on them to get you to work and back. Remember back in eighties my employer at the time taking away my travelling and lodging allowance away which resulted me sleeping in the office for about 4 months because I hadn't relocated to the East Midlands quick enough.

Anyway my next employer gave me a company car and a higher salary so I moved from Durham to Derby. Never had to rely on trains and buses after that and went to night matches at places like Stoke, Wolverhampton and Barnsley to see us get beat. Having to rely on public transport and I would have missed these games 😥
Surly there's a limit how long they can strike for
until the current mandate runs out i'd imagine. or until the piss weak management see sense.
no driver worth their salt would work for a company that treats it's employees so badly. i've seen it in the haulage world where firms have had to change their ways, practices and certain management types to attract good drivers.
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