GM Folk! Please vote for Francis House

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Francis House are in the running to be named Charity of the Year for Sainsbury's Stores in Hale, and Sale!

We're very grateful for this opportunity from two great groups of supporters. Sainsbury's staff have been instrumental in supporting our Knitted Chick Appeal as well as allowing our volunteers to undertake bag packs and collections throughout the year. We are very fortunate to have their support.

But now, we need your help!

To vote, for Francis House at Sainsbury's Sale, please click here, and type the postcode M33 7SA into the search box.

When you see, Sale Curzon Road, click the box and select Francis House to vote!

To vote for Francis House at Sainsbury's Hale, click here, and type Hale into the search box. Sainsbury's Hale will be the first option.

Please share and keep voting!
Not open for further replies.