Glastonbury 2022 line up and times


Central Defender
If anyone cares the TBC are pretty meh, bastille on Thursday and George Ezra on Sunday at John peel,

Sunday at the park could be jack white , I want it to be the smile
Arcade Fire is what I've heard.

I also heard Green Day are doing the introducing stage, and Harry Styles is one of the other suprise TBC's.


How the hell is Sam Fender ahead of the Idles, sick joke.

Because he's below Billie Eilish and fits the type of crowd that will be at the Pyramid that night. You can't have Idles sub headlining for a pop act :lol: minging getting in and out of that field with a high level of turnover which is what would happen there. The percentage of people who want to see both Idles and Billie Eilish isn't gonna be that high.
noticed chris difford playing acoustic stage on saturday at 1/2 4 and glen tilbrook playing same stage 1/2 4 on sunday- could they not have done one set under name of squeeze ?


Full Back
Right. Before glastonbury starts, can we please stop calling bands by their initials please? I know it takes a bit longer to write out, but I am getting a bit older, and get confused when I see b.r.m.c ,b.c.n.r,b.b.c.c,b.v.s.m.p, etc. Thank you!