I'd rather we win and go on an unbeaten run for the rest of the season...neither will happen though
And I believe in Father Christmas and have asked him for a new centre forward. He said he could use Grigg and McGeady as a couple of his gnomes were not very well.
We’ve already established that the owners think that getting beat playing the worst football we’ve ever played is not reason enough to sack him. He’s untouchable at this point as it would be highlighting Donald’s awful decision.


Probably thinking a few beers and a decent day out with some mates just like most away trips, sadly an 90 awful minutes to endure. See you there mate, my second trip there in less than a month:eek:
6.15 train from Durham Saturday morning after work day/night out in Durham. You right though only football spoils the day
like Accrington away,great day out,good beer and a shower for the time the match lasted,character building at its best
Add to that our coach breaking down on way there. Luckily got to a services with a Co op attached. Few beers while waiting for a replacement coach. Ironically ended up being a great day out.
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