Getting put on PIP at work

Depends on what sort of employer you work for, good or bad, unionised or non unionised etc. In theory a PIP is meant to help , in reality it's often a code work for the beginning of the end. If I wasn't already I would immediately join a union. PIPs need to be managed properly by the employer, the employer is basically saying " we need you to improve otherwise there will be consequences, in my experience many employers go down the PIP route and then fail to implement it properly, promising the employee this and that, then not delivering on those promises, this is where joining a union is a good idea, because when you eventually get sacked, you can then appeal and or go down the tribunal route, though under Tory rule this is not as easy as it once was. Of course your case will be that much better, if you tried your best to improve your performance whilst on a PIP, if there was a genuine reason you were given a PIP, then it is best to play ball. In my experience people who get issued with PIPS have usually been subject to some sort of harassment/ bullying , discrimination prior to the PIP, possibly building up over a couple of years, the issuing of the PIP is the time when the employer decides to go for their gun, and the time the employee should be vigilant.