Getting put on PIP at work

Sadly he is not very good and it’s left a problem with two teams.
I’m out in 8 days which makes it a farce, my new Boss clearly wants me to mop up before I go, wants me to stay.
Not going to miss the Corporate bullshit Mate.

Leaving the gun at home 😂
Good luck for the future mate.

Regarding corporate bull just lay a foundation for your member of staff to gather the required low hanging fruit to facilitate their onward journey to a success centric destination.

I was threatened with a PIP by a former manager who I disagreed with. She was a f***ing disaster and totally out of her depth.

She was sacked before it went any further as she delivered the worst project I’ve ever seen 😂 iirc she went over budget by £3m and successfully managed to piss off an entire workforce.

She was a horrible twat as well
Its the kiss of death at our place. It means someone has already made their mind up you're a gonner but they need to do it legally. See also changing your job title/role just enough to make you unsuccessfully reapply.
Only ever been on one in my life but pretty much went exactly as above, even with improved performance :lol::lol:
About 15 years ago I was on a pip 6 or 7 times, all from the same gaffer, had never been on one before that and I’ve never been on one since. We really just didn’t get on ( hated the humpty back little kernt as it happens) clashed lots and he made it his personal mission to get me sacked. The pip route was his weapon of choice. Finally requested a meeting with HR and the GM and presented them with evidence that his pips were bollocks and also provided evidence of harassment and victimisation. He was moved to a different area in the north, I got a new gaffer and normal service was resumed.

I would’ve thought the higher ups would’ve realised it was a witch hunt when he couldn’t justify any of them but that’s what happens in big organisations.

Vindictive little cretins can make peoples life hell with a pip.

First step should be an informal chat etc in my opinion then if no response then start the formal process. But maybe that’s an old fashioned idea now.
Depends entirely on the relationship with the manager.

A good few years back, when I was wet behind the ears, we had a new manager come in. They asked for honest/constructive feedback so they could make improvements. Unfortunately I fell for it and basically ended up like Oscar on STID when he tells Charlie about the shit sound system... They decided from that point forward I was negative/bad influence, when my qualms were legitimate. And went out of their way to make every single element of day-today working as awkward and difficult as possible. Naive on my part, I should have sussed them out before deciding if I could trust them.

They made my working life hell from that point on, including PIP, which was barely worth the paper it was on, as my role at the time involved a lot of report compiling/stats etc, and they were criticising the source data... Took me around 6-9 months to get out. They even managed to cover their back by holding my exit review themselves, without an independent HR rep present (they were ill allegedly...) By that point I coudln't be bothered with the chew, and just went along with it, smiled and handed over my laptop.

Was a shame as it was a decent place to work before they arrived.
I got threatened with one when I started as an MA and needed signing off, despite averaging the same number of appointments as established MA’s, their reasoning was although I was compliant in the observations and doing the mandatory number of appointments for each type of mortgage, they couldn’t really be sure of my competency unless I had 10+ appointments in per week. Spent all my time between appointments on the phones touting for business and trying to get branch staff booking appointments. Dozey twat of a manager told me to go around Tesco’s to hold open days in their canteen and to walk the streets handing out mortgage flyers. I had to remind them that (at the time) Tesco did mortgages and I wasn’t insured to be walking the streets handing out mortgage fliers outside the fine shopping establishments in Sunderland. Not one MA could believe it.
No mate - construction design
A lot of firms just use pip instead of redundancies. Happened to me years ago, was offered a job in the October turned it down, showed some loyalty. Got shafted in the Feb, put me on pip, fortunately the job I turned down was still there so took that but walked away with six months salary, it was proper shit time mind. Start looking for another job and have something lined up if you get an email. People will physically stop dealing with you and do stuff via email until a final meeting (in my experience). HR people are a bunch of c..ts btw, you have to be to get rid of people just because somebody takes a dislike to you or you make one minor mistake. Good luck,let us know how you get on, happens to loads if any consolation.