RTG Getting pop-ups, Audio, redirects, ads overlaying text, malware reports from ads please read this


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I have been getting numerous reports of adverts not behaving correctly recently. You shouldn't get any of the above, but we use various ad networks and agencies and unfortunately they are not always as diligent checking things as they should be.

The problem I have is tracking down which network the adverts come from, so that ads from that network can be stopped and the adverts in question reported.

To help track things down, I have created several test pages containing ads from the various networks we use. If you are experiencing any of the above, it would be useful if you could visit these test pages and let me know if you see the problem on any of them. (As each of the primary networks/agencies we use each farm their inventory out to other networks it is possible you may see the issue on more than one of them)

The test pages are at:
Network 1 - no longer used
Network 2 - no longer used
Network 3 - no longer used
Network 4 - no longer used
Network 5 - no longer used
Network 6 - no longer used
Network 7
Network 8

Please report your results below in the following form:
  1. The Advertising Network(s) [1-8] you see the problem on (if any)
  2. The advert which is causing the problem (if you can identify this)
  3. The type of device you are using (desktop PC, Tablet, Mobile) and if tablet/mobile the orientation of it (portrait/landscape)
  4. The browser and operating system you are using.
  5. If you are using a mobile, which network are you using (EE, O2, 3, Vodaphone etc) or state wifi if you are using that.
Also if you can, the exact time(s) you had problems with the ads and any screenshots you can provide of redirects etc would be extremely useful to our Ad Partners.
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stephen cartwright

no problem for me on any of those options. i use a tablet, with just a standard browser not chrome

i was getting regular pop ups of that american forestry service but it appears to have stopped


I'm getting hit today, chrome on android. Managed to copy the link.

None of the network links cause a pop up, it's only happening on the forums.


keep getting directed to app store on iphone to buy some cookie game. sky broadband

cookie jam

tried those test links and 1 had 2 issues. opened a war game in app store (lord of war i think) and a website called ewank.

was actually game of war fire age.
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None of those network links caused me any bother but im also getting directed to slim spots and was redirected to some other page yesterday (both wanting me to answer a question and add a fiver to my bill)


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Mobile ads have been disabled for the last 15 hours, but I am going to start bringing the ad networks back online one by one, so let me know if the problem comes back.

Can I re-iterate the 1st post - I do need your help in tracking down these rogue adverts and I haven't seen any myself, so can people please ensure that they follow the steps in the 1st post and let me know the results. Without some information I cannot track the offending ads down and get them stopped.

A quick Google search shows the slim spots stuff is affecting a lot of websites, and is probably coming through multiple ad networks.


Safari browser in portrait
Home wifi
Redirected to app store - Cookie Jam game.

Didn't see the advert on question as they're at the very top and bottom of the screen.


Sunday times as seems to overlay the post reply button. Every time that ad is there I hit reply and its like I've clicked the ad. On iOS safari


Every single day I'm sent to the App Store to download a gambling app.
Just happened twice whilst trying to type this out.