Getting over a break up

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lionel Hutzz, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Keep going

    A pic would help
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    Is it out of order of me to ask you for her name so I can add her on Facebook ?
  3. I don't normally join threads like this but, in this case i will make an exception, its very simple for me, just focus on getting yourself better mate, do what you need for you, sounds like your well rid of this lass like.
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    Fucking hell, that’s absolutely mental!

    Out of interest, did you find you were more complicit to her behaviour before you were on the meds? It just popped into my head that she might have wanted you off the meds so she could have more control over you and used the sex as an excuse she thought you’d fall for.

    Maybe not but either way, the more you post the more it sounds like you’re better off without.
  6. lurker

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    Nothing from the OP denying it

    Apology accepted then mate

    JAZZMANB Striker

    On a simple level she doesn't sound like your relationship means anything if all she is concerned about is a shag from you or lack of it
    Very odd
  8. While I wouldn't agree with comments like that having visited several concentration camps, the reaction of people to these sort of opinions always astounds me. Control of expression of opinions alway seems something the nazis would do :confused:.
  9. If that fails, shag her knicker drawer and shit on her sister.
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  10. I know saying you're well out of it won't help because being rejected when you're already down isn't likely to help.

    Try to keep busy and look after yourself as well as you can. Keep on with the treatment and by the time you get over her and you will, you will hopefully be in the right frame of mind to start another relationship. I hope things work out for you.
  11. duff_man

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    Is she a health worker who is mental?
  12. ilovehorswill

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    So you can not have sex with her :lol:

    Plenty of them around mind
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    Is her family aware of the affect of sertraline on your libido or is the only version of events they know about is you knocking back her advances?

    Them having the full story would at least stop you being the bad guy here.

    More seriously, if this is her attitude and you're still getting grief the you need to break contact and move of. You're being treat for depression and their behaviour towards you will not be helping.

    Change phone numbers if necessary (swap out your mobile SIM), even if the break in contact turns out to be only short term so you at least get the space you need.

    My take is you need time to get sorted and the situation as you describe is not helping.

    Bloody hell!!! She if anyone should understand.

    Has she never heard of self-stimulation while you get sorted?

    This is actually a serious remark.
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  14. So then, how can I be of service?
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    Better off without her and her friends mate if that’s how they react, it might not seem like it at the minute but people who put you down and blame you for mental health issues are going to do you far more harm than good. Keep your chin up and scuttle her sister.
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    Snakes with tits
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    I suggested blow and small blue pills but said the brand name and it didn’t appear
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    Sounds like a dreadful person and you’re better off without her iirc there.
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    Whats her number?
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  20. That’s @Les the Scientist out then if they’ve got tits.

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