Getting old


Comes round so fast, never give I t a thought, but sitting watching some talk show stuff with the Beastie Boys and fuck they look old.

I'm a few years younger, when did this happen? All of a sudden I'm nearly middle aged.

Old Blue, go get my gun


Aye the joy of Grandbairns does bring a reality check that you are an owld bassa keeping them entertained!
I am at Butlins next week with the 3 Youngest and hope I have enough strength left to raise a glass after they have gone to bed:lol:
How old are you mate, know a few that's granda's at 40


It's a bit scary when you can remember things from 50+ years ago.
I just enjoy the good things of being older though...

(apart from when the old bones creak)
My old bones creaked (and packed in at 38)

Hope all your memories are good on4s
just retired before Christmas at 65. Had a month with 2 oldest Grandbairns down NZ since so catching up here now.
Would be a canny job at 40 being a Granda if you didn't need to work :lol:
Seriously? Youre 65?
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Biffo The Bear

Lost Magpie
Frightening how quick your life goes marra
enjoy it to the max is my advice & appreciate every day
I am relatively laid back (too laid back in some ways) about most stuff. Not many things in life bother me too much. Shit happens and you just have to accept it and get on best you can. The one exception however is just that. Time goes by so quickly.
It literally feels like only a few years ago that i was on the drink with the lads, without a care in the world, when i bumped into (the now) Mrs Bear. It is however almost 30 years ago. My kids are grown (most of which i missed working away) and at University.
Something in my eye just typing this...… Fuck!!!