Getting attached to cars

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Charmless Man, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. I'm attached to cruise control like, if I had a new RS I imagine I'd be attached to the different controls in that anarl...

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  3. Kevj

    Kevj Winger

    With the exception of the odd one or two cars, I've always had a soft spot for the cars I've owned and it's not always easy to let them go. But generally it's upgrading to a better one, so that feeling goes away pretty quickly.
  4. Frijj

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    Not looking forward to getting rid of my first car but the time will come when it isn't enough. Only got 27k on it like so probably good for another 4-5 years before it starts becoming problematic
  5. riffraff

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    You'll get another 15 yrs out of it man. Mines got 70000 miles on the click and is 11 years old. Averaged 3000 per year over the last six years and most of those are due to driving the 700 miles round trip to the NE. Cars are overrated.
  6. yamar1

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    a 13yr old polo with 60k on the clock is probably more reliable than some of the shit new cars available today.
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  7. Boz33

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    Fond memories of all the shit cars I had when I was a kid, minis, renault 5s etc not sure I'd want to be fucking on with them every weekend like, although wouldn't mind starting one from the ground up like an old triumph as project when I start winding down work to occupy myself
  8. rockaway

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    Had an Audi A3 for years, just a bog standard 1.9TDI. Put about 100k on it and it was falling to bits so part ex'd it. My mate is a postman and saw it in Hendon while on his round, with a terrible black out window job, massive alloys that looked ridiculous. Took some pictures and it pained me to look at it, the old trusty steed becoming nowt but a tac van.
  9. sketchy

    sketchy Midfield

    nope. Sold mine today
  10. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Well they tried to change the terms of the deal when they saw it so draw from that what you will.
  11. Kevsgreat

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    Still got my first car, 17 year old Corsa, although I've only had it two year. It's SORNed and parked in the yard :lol:

    It's like driving a go-kart and I've put a massive dint in it but I'd get next to nowt for it so just hung on to it.
  12. humbug

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    i don't get attached to cars but i do with bikes.
    i've got a 1976 triumph bonneville that i could never part with no matter what. i've rebuilt the engine, in fact the whole bike and know every single nut and bolt on it. i always wanted one since i was a kid and had it since 1990.
    i was tempted to p/x one of my harleys earlier this year for a newer model but i suppose i'm attached to it as well now. took a while to bond with it but i've done every single one of its 40000 miles and had some great trips.
    sad i suppose :oops:

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