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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Miltonnoonfez, May 20, 2019.

  1. Miltonnoonfez

    Miltonnoonfez Full Back

    surely this will happen. Apparently not sold 30k as of around 30 mins ago.

    Everyone who wants one should get in
  2. dangermows

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  3. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    Have they not announced phase 3 yet like? Wasnt it supposed to be tomorro? Why Is the club so shit at these things. Open the bastars up to anyone with a purchaser history and it will sell out in 2 days. People aren't going to be able to wait till Thursday/ Friday before knowing if they have a ticket and need to sort travel and digs for London in 24 hours.
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  4. stevereid

    stevereid Central Defender

    I doubt they were expecting it getting to phase 3

    Then theres the issue of getting tickets out to folk
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  5. Really surprised and disappointed that we haven't sold out
    Not that I don't want phase 3 to happen and I hope that we DO sell out after Phase 3 but I find it amazing that we sell more and quicker for the Check-a-fucking-trade trophy than our most important game in years
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  6. Plus postage, it's already getting late to post tickets out unless they are going to only do collection only from Wembley. Can't believe there has still been no announcement.
  7. Different system for selling the tickets tbf
  8. Richie K

    Richie K Winger

    To be fair we only qualified 2 working days ago. I think people will be able to sort transport out quick enough, based on their experience of March.

    Accommodation in London should never be an issue.
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  9. anth

    anth Winger

    That'll be why. People have recently been to Wembley, and it wasn't that long ago. It's not a small outlay for people to do twice.
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  10. dred

    dred Winger

    If we reach 30000 I think it will be fantastic for a third division game especially with a 550 mile round trip and out the house for 16/17/18 hrs.
  11. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    This. You thick fuckers.
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  12. Rip Van Fish

    Rip Van Fish Striker

    And the outskirts. Still cheap as
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  13. Wembley don't allow general sale do they? Phase 3 will be purchase history, probably with 6 tickets per purchase again
  14. To be fair if we hadn't reached that final I am sure this one would have sold out easily. A lot of people are probably skint after that one and as we have only just been it's not such a novelty.
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  15. Yosemite Sam

    Yosemite Sam Full Back

    No chance
  16. Kubicki26

    Kubicki26 Central Defender

    Why did every man and his dog want to go to the checkatrade and not this one ,
  17. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Definitely. The system is different this time that's all.
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  18. Kubicki26

    Kubicki26 Central Defender

    Definitely maybe
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  19. Parkmaverick

    Parkmaverick Striker

    The trouble is through SAFC have limited who can buy them. Only 26000 max could buy them for phase one which they allowed 3 days for and it was the same people for phase two. I got some tickets for those who had purchase history but many would not have done that. The farce is now that we have tickets left many who purchased for the CAT can't yet buy them. Charlton had one day for season tickets, one day for a certainly loyalty and are now into general sale whereas we are still pissing about with season ticket holders
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  20. Yosemite Sam

    Yosemite Sam Full Back

    It’s not like we’ve finished the season strongly is it? Been poor since the final really. People can’t be arsed and a lot did their money doing the whole weekend last time. Everyone expected we’d already be up and haven’t budgeted for it
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