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  1. Anyone put in a request for your data under GDPR, to someone who’s emailing you and never asked for your permission?

    How successful was it, and are there any templates that are easy to use?

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    Less hassle to block/ignore surely
  3. I don’t want to block them yet. I want to know what they have on me. They shouldn’t have anything.
  4. MattyW

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    Right of access
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    I’d let it go it’s probably your hormones playing up and making you paranoid.
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    I wish they're was a way to not have to reject cookies on each website one by one
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    They should give details of how to find out and how to be deleted within their privacy policy.
  8. The confusing factor is it’s an American company.

    I was hoping for a template email I could send but it looks like I have to write it myself.

    It’s an American company.

    But like I said, I don’t want to be deleted, I want to be a pain in the arse and get them to give me all my data.
  9. MattyW

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    It is possible to make your request verbally. Probably easiest to just call them?
  10. The Raven

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    GDPR only applies to the EU I think.
  11. I don’t really want to have to call America.

    No, it applies to subjects in the EU, regardless of where the company is based. If you email people in the EU you need to follow it.
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  12. MattyW

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    If they deal with EU residents they have to comply
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  13. Yep, but I think you have to request it in writing?
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  14. MattyW

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    I am sure that it is also possible to make a verbal request. Will check.
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  15. I’d like to have it in writing anyway ;)
  16. I did a few mainly to test other people's response while working out how to do this myself.

    It actually doesn't matter the form btw, written, phone even social media all have to be picked up.

    The bit that everyone has picked up on is that the data returned has to apply to a 'natural person'. A lot of people that are just using email addresses seem to have come back with an email address can be an alias or group so doesn't necessarily identify a natural person, so in your case I don't think gdpr subject access request is the way forward.

    If it's sales stuff you are looking at consumer protection from unfair trading - they legally have to make it "clear and easy" to unsubscribe.

    Edit - I ain't no stinking lawyer and this post is not legal advice.
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  17. Goat Eyes

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    Unless your email address is for example.

    Includes your name is what I’m saying.
  18. I've made the same argument and it comes down to interpretation of the phrase 'natural person'. Most are going with because the email could be an alias and isn't directly and purposely mapped to an entity you are fine to keep them. I mean I could create and say that identifies me as you.
  19. I don’t think anyone gives a shit tbh.
  20. Goat Eyes

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    Yeah, I’m with you. However, it’s clear that any email address with is classed as personal data regardless of whether it is business or personal and it can’t be assumed it’s an alias.
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