Gavin & Stacey

Sgt Pepper

I really wouldn't like to say tbh. I'm struggling off the top of my head to remember other xmas specials :lol:

Thought it was interesting how they kept kids on the periphery and went with what they and the audience know best.

I only recently watched the entire thing around 6 months ago after my mrs persuaded me to give it a whirl. We blitzed the lot in around 10 days. Found it a excellent watch
I’m similar, only got into it a few months ago after my lass pestered me into watching it and I relented - I’d never given it a single episode before that and dismissed it as shite. Turns out I really enjoyed it so I couldn’t wait for this Christmas special but we had to wait until tonight to watch it because she was hammered on Christmas night and I was hammered last night. Enjoyed it like and hope there’s another series or episode.