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    Wrong way round mate eagle is a shop deuchars is.still open.
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    The quayside bar is in Newcastle
  3. I live and learn. Like I say I hardly ever go back and when I do I don't pass those two pubs. It makes sense in some ways as the Eagle was fairly close to the pub on the way into Wrekenton where the road forks to Springwell, whereas with the Bugle and the Black Bull closing the Duchars actually has a massive catchment area. It must now be the closest pub to most of the people living on the estate and as you know its a huge estate.
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    Yeh more high lanes/ heworth I guess, always remember there was a barbers in the little outhouse at the side ran by a bloke named frankie.

    Surprised at the black bull being closed used to have a decent catchment area in wardley

    The old fiddlers 3 would catch a fair few of the ship crowd/ high lanes area if it's still there like
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  5. My mate once punched a lad at the top of the stairs and knocked him down the full set and they were a high flight. Say treble a domestic flight of stairs.

    The bouncer was from one of Gateshead's most notorious families but luckily for us, he also went to school with my mate and knew him well. He took our side and threw the other group out. It was a close call as there were three of us and about 7 of them and we could have been in big trouble that night. You always had to watch your back .
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  6. Our exact route after work that.
  7. The Fiddlers is a good pub and still runs a team in the Gateshead and District Sunday League but again it isn't really on the Leam. Its close but not one of ours;)
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    Yeh got some proper knackers in there back in the day, especially if a few from places like the fold piled in

    Was always a good starting pub, and great for lock ins ran by a bloke named lyndsay iirc, probably deed now, but he could half pile the pints away:lol:
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    Yes it is. On the way from Gateshead to Newcastle...
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    So youd have arrived ie it's not on the way @mrpdantic
  11. I have worked for my current company for 20 years now. I started in October 1998 I think and my brothers came up just before Christmas and we ended up in the Fiddlers midweek and we left at about 4am and I had to ring what where then my new employers and ask for a days holiday. Thankfully I was owed one by that stage. That is still to this day the only 'sickie'/Short notice holiday type day I have ever taken in my entire working life, I have missed about 4 days work since I started working in 1989, but there is no way I could have worked that day.
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    Sort of
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    Aye they didn't let you leave sober from there, I think I saw jarra elvis and pelaw gino for the first time in there upstairs.
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    Aye mate, that's the one.
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    If you've niver been to the Azure Blue ya've niver lived.
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    the pubs of east gateshead are a prime example of the pub trade in recent times, some say post the smoking ban? you can trip off all the pubs that are gone like you have, plus the likes of the willows or the maiden over at heworth or the albion in bill quay. i don't really remember in recent times any of the pubs that are left being really heaving on a friday\saturday night with 18-30yo's the way i remember things 20 odd years ago... even the swan at heworth would be really busy on a sunday night...

    the bull was always a shithole, but was a busy shithole that then suffered a slow death through the 00's. the willows sold for flats, others turned into shops... i'm not sure how the likes of the Leam, Wardley or Pelaw clubs keep going - i've only ever been in them recently to take the bairn to different birthday parties.

    I assume the Durham [r]Anger & Duchars must be able to pick off enough locals from the surrounding streets to keep them trading, maybe's with the ship, bugle & bull going the leam found its supply & demand.

    It still annoy's me the way the fella who had the jarrow brewery purposely ran down the Albion at Bill Quay just so he could justify turning into his own home, then managed to fcuk up his main business before he could finish the job.
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    Tie the smoking ban in with more people drinking at home and it'll be nothing but pub closures as time goes on.
    Also the longer drinking ours mean that when kids do go out they go out much later so pubs are empty early in the evening yet they still have the wages to pay and over heads for long days of not much custom.
    Never thought I'd say this when I was younger but it seemed much busier with the old drinking hours, pubs had their share, clubs had theirs and it all seemed to be thriving
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    Cotton Club was rough as fuck. Run by Billy Robinson, local hardman. Had the misfortune to be in there, off me nut after a Happy Monday’s gig at Whitley Bay ice rink around 1990.
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    Curlys Metropole and spoons all within a few minutes of each other. Metropole nice after it was done out, cut right back on the amount of stabbings.
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