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Gary Speed

Discussion in 'Gone but not forgotten' started by ShaabanShaaban, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. ShaabanShaaban

    ShaabanShaaban Striker

    Has died...

  2. steve30000

    steve30000 Striker

  3. bahtat

    bahtat Striker

    Just confirmed on 5 live
  4. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

  5. ShaabanShaaban

    ShaabanShaaban Striker

    SSN breaking news like
  6. Ena Sharples

    Ena Sharples Striker

  7. Adamoah

    Adamoah Winger

  8. homeless kid

    homeless kid Striker

  9. skunk hater

    skunk hater Midfield

    Gary Speed has died

    RE Radio 5
  10. ShaabanShaaban

    ShaabanShaaban Striker

    He was on Football Focus yesterday taking about World Cup qualification... fucking hell
  11. bahtat

    bahtat Striker

    Not known, but on WFA web site
  12. Re: Gary Speed has died

    Eh is this a joke?
  13. supernaut1968

    supernaut1968 Striker

    Confirmed on BBC site. R.I.P.
  14. Lord Alfred

    Lord Alfred Striker

  15. Gary Speed dead

    WTF? Anyone hear anything?
  16. FunkyIguana

    FunkyIguana Winger

    WTF? :eek:

    Bloody hell, confirmed. Thoughts with his family. :-(
  17. homeless kid

    homeless kid Striker

    What happened does anybody know?

    He was fighting fit as far as I know.
  18. Notts Mackem

    Notts Mackem Winger

    Cannit believe that like! :eek: RIP Speedy :cry:
  19. steven

    steven Winger

    Fucking hell, on the BBC ticker now
  20. Boot Cleaner

    Boot Cleaner Striker

    Re: Gary Speed has died

    Shocked me! Unbelievable. RIP fella
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