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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by deodrant2, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. deodrant2

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    Anybody point me in the direction of some decent earphones, I can’t be arsed with a headset anymore because I keep standing on them and breaking the bastards. I’m looking at something that’s not going to completely break the bank, ideally around £80. Something comfortable as well!
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    Richer Sounds has an extra £10 off the RHA M750i arm so will just come in your budget.

    RHA MA750I

    They're wired in-ears, built from stainless steel so are nearly bullet proof and come with a 3 year warranty. The company is based in Glasgow and have a great rep for customer service.

    Very good sound for the price so should be more than suitable for gaming. Loads of reviews about if you want to learn more.
  4. deodrant2

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    Going to give those a bash, broke two pair of turtle beach in 6 month due to what they’re made with. As a positive, our lass has offered to get me them for Christmas! Cheers.
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