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Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    The Hound is class like.
  2. Fletch

    Fletch Striker

    is it on the usual source yet ?
  3. PeteFTM

    PeteFTM Full Back

    gostream . is has it on
  4. HoffTTM

    HoffTTM Midfield

    Like the subtle(ish) bit with Sam at the end they leave uncommented
  5. FishburnMackem

    FishburnMackem Midfield

    Why the fuck has my post saying cersei is dead been deleted

    Power trip freak
  6. Iceman97

    Iceman97 Winger

  7. Walter Ego

    Walter Ego Winger

    What a fucking balloon.
  8. BigPete

    BigPete Winger

    Good episode that Deanarys or however you spell it is gorgeous absolutely stunning!
  9. FishburnMackem

    FishburnMackem Midfield

    Iceman97 likes this.
  10. Hugh Gains

    Hugh Gains Winger

  11. Jumped straight in. Any spoilers on this thread about tonight's episode?
  12. Iceman97

    Iceman97 Winger

    I was about to respond saying, "they've deleted my post about Mag the Mighty too, and that's not a spoiler either" before also hurling some abuse, thankfully I realised there were two different threads seconds before posting :lol:
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  13. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

  14. It's on catch up on Sky (if you've got it like?) as it was shown at 02:00.
  15. Dogbark

    Dogbark Striker

    Ed fucking Sheeran :evil:
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  16. Its Him Again

    Its Him Again Striker

    Watched part of the first series then lost interest. A lot of it was filmed over here
  17. Sitting next to the 'This is England' actor Thomas Turgoose.
  18. Tex

    Tex Striker

    Something is VERY wrong there like!
  19. Stray Cat

    Stray Cat Striker

    Brilliant first episode
  20. SproutMackem

    SproutMackem Striker

    The last bit in the Basque Country (san juan de gaztelugatxe)

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