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  1. Aye she briefly asked why they hadn’t revolted against cersei 5 mins earlier. I’ve already posted my thoughts on it several times now. There’s not much point in posting it again. There’s people who think it was well written and people who don’t. No ones changing their mind.
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  2. chriswallace85

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    I think they romanticised it - she still dies in Jaime's arms. In the book it may be more of a mercy killing as King's Landing falls.

    Refused to show up to oust Ramsay anarl. Set of twats.
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  3. FootballFan

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    Thats simply not true.
  4. chriswallace85

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    I'm not convinced she's arsed about being the Queen of Westeros now anyway. She'd come to the realisation at Winterfell that it's not her the Westerosi love. She's just hell bent on bladdering her enemies now as that's all she has. Without that power the Dothraki would abandon her anarl.

    Regardless of her motives, she's gone full arsehole and needs stopping.
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  5. It almost make you wonder what kind of dumb fucks would have put a family that compounded a clear disposition to rampant schizophrenia, chronic paranoia and more than a touch of psychopathy with generations of inbreeding on the throne in the first place. Oh. Wait.
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    Finally caught up on ep3-5 after being without a TV for a few weeks. Decent battle in ep3 although the filming style made it hard to follow for me. Thought it ended a bit abruptly.

    Really enjoyed ep4-5, much better dialogue than the start of the season and some real shockers in terms of action (Dany turning into a total monster, for example). Great idea to have the Lannisters die together in a very subdued way, also; not everyone has to go out in a blaze of glory or Drogon flames.
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  7. The Master

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    Remember when the Wildlings refused to change sides?

    Jon had mercy and eventually they joined him. Daenerys instantly burned them all alive. There's a clear difference between the two characters as it's been hammered home recently just how important Jon's mercy is.

    One is clearly having to resort to ruling with fear. Jon doesn't need fear, the majority already look up to and respect him.
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  8. Lonz

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    Anyone think we're supposed to believe the White Walkers are going to turn out to be the "goodies" for trying to rid the world of the evil humans?
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  9. ThePistols

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    Greyworm and Grendry?
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  10. Dogbark

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    Let's talk about...

    Jon Snow
  11. chriswallace85

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    Shame his Northern brethren behaved like shithouses in the sack of King's Landing.

    Well he is the Son of Ice and Fire...
  12. The Master

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    Aye it's a bit confusing how the northerners also turned into twats.

    Not sure they're going to follow him anymore considering he's going to be against what they did.

    think it adds to the theory that he's heading up north past the wall again after Dany is dealt with.
  13. chriswallace85

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    They were just caught up in it all and hate Lannisters.

    He's either dying in the process of dealing with her, or dein a Frodo and pissing off North. Sam to forward his Red Book of Westmarch, "A Song of Ice And Fire" to the Citadel for safekeeping.
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  14. Discopants91

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    Put them?

    Didn't the old Targs have three wass dragons between them?

    If they did they could have fucked anyone up if the last episode was owt to go by.
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  15. chriswallace85

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    I noticed someone twisting about Drogon's ability to decimate the castle walls earlier in the thread - they mustn't have noticed the clip of Harrenhal in series 2.
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  16. Remember when Maester Aemon revealed to Jon he was a Aemon Targaryen? He said offered the throne of the Seven Kingdoms after the death of his father but ceded the rule to Aegon and joined the Night's Watch. He's path is similar to Jon's. Jon doesn't want to be King or have any titles. He says it all the time. I don't think Rhaegar was too keen on it either. Some people are just drawn to power or are natural leaders. Some believe power is their birth right. Dany is clearly the second of those. All the way through the series she goes on about her birth right and she is the Last Dragon, the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.
  17. smoker

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    Excellent argument, often used in defence of Constitutional Monarchy. He who seeks power most is usually the worst person to wield it.

    With excellent advisors, such as Sansa and Arya, Jon would make a superb king.

    But there's no way this will happen, IMHO:
    1. Modern TV's obsession with diversity and 'challenging stereotypes' means it will be a woman who ends up on the throne
    2. It's too predictable and the scriptwriters have been playing 'guess what happens next' with the fans since they outran the books
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  18. chriswallace85

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    :lol: Fuck off man.

    And the series is still following Martin's outline.
  19. SAFC11

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    But they couldnt destroy winterfells
  20. chriswallace85

    chriswallace85 Striker

    They weren't attacking it?
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