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    House Glover went home to Deepwood Motte and refused to fight after Jon Snow bent the knee to Danaerys.
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    Watch the clip again. No Valonqar prophesy in the show.
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    The prophesy is there, the line
    is not

    That suggests the writers changed it to make it more cuddly for the audience or Big George hadn't decided if Tyrion or Jamie were going to bump her off
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    She hasn't though has she as "innocent" is subjective.

    Were the slavers of Mereen, who were just doing what their society's morality allowed that guilty? She didn't need to kill them,but they infringed her (and your morality) so you accept she did it, because she had these noble motives. The Tarleys. All they did was refuse to bend the knee to a woman they didn't know or whose respect she hadn't earned. We know the dad was a bit of a twat,but she didn't. Were they really guilty?

    The real answer is,to me,if you remove a bit of the suspend reality for the whole thing,rather than just an element of the show you don't want,then a noble nice person would avoid killing at all costs. She did not avoid it at all and as time passed became more and more trigger happy.

    Now she's won,nobody can touch her but she doesn't have anybody left in her life other than one dragon. The people who let her child and best friend be sneakily and brutally killed by Cersei are right there and in her rage,they are guilty and don't deserve mercy.

    Remember the way she took over the Dothraki? Watched her brother die a gruesome death and didn't give a fuck,a normal person would be at least somewhat conflicted,even if he was (basically) abusive.

    To her,the people of King's Landing were not innocent and not deserving of mercy. That's why she's mad and it completely makes sense for her to do that.

    Aye but that's the whole point isn't it. She was that,but the pressure and paranoia of the throne made her act like that. Now that same as done that to Dany.

    Which is really what it's always done. It's a morality play.

    Greyworm knew Dany knew they'd surrendered and she didn't give a fuck. I don't understand what's complicated about that,she gave him an order as she said she would and while he was chuffed to get revenge and a bit of blood letting,he was following her lead not doing it off his own back.
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  6. Meh. If they’d given a couple more scenes where she’d expressed her frustration with the people of kings landing I’d get it. She spent the last 2 seasons saying she wouldn’t destroy innocents, just her enemies and she didn’t want to be queen of the ashes etc. She briefly mentioned Meereen rising up at the start of the episode. This anger at the people was shoe horned into this one episode.

    Like I say I get why she went mad, still daft that she torched the people before bothering with the root of her anger. Even if she’d torched the red keep first and seen that the people weren’t celebrating her victory or whatever. To me they wrote it that way just to shock same as several other rubbish scenes the last couple of years.

    I’m not crying like some of the saddos on the internet about it I just think they could have done it better.
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    She didnt go mad, read back.
  8. It’s boring now mate.
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    Dont join the muppets.
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    You could say Cersei should have understood humility and caring about people after the whole business with the High Sparrow,but the recurring theme is that once they have that power they do crazy things to keep it and abuse it.
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    Cersei was always mad tbf but yes that was a great scene.
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    Not sure about always mad, she tried to keep joff in line, she could see he was a monster and tried. I imagine having 3 children murdered or die, your brother killing your dad, getting imprisoned and tortured, about to kill herself in a seige would be bad for most peoples mental health
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    Who are the two cast members on stage with the red back drop and bad camera angle, talking about series 7?

    What’s the crack with the current over use/misuse of ‘subvert’ in relation to this episode?

    That wind up on this thread (forgotten his name) was hammering it too. Is it a reddit thing?
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  14. Yeah it’s a reddit thing. Was repeatedly used as a defence of the writing when people were complaining. “Eurons ships magically appeared from nowhere”, “Yeah well game of thrones has always subverted expectations”. Took on a life of its own now.
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    fair point.
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    They were enemy soldiers who refused to switch sides :lol:
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  17. That’s the thing she’s always showed glimpses of that side and done morally questionable acts but always against her opposition. She’s now murdered more people than Cersei and the night king combined :lol:
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    We've all done it, resisted eating one biscuit for ages then end up eating the entire pack..... Just change biscuits with people and eat with murder.
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    She perceived the people of Kings Landing to be her enemy (that was her madness coming to the fore). She explicitly said it.
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