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Game Of Thrones Ending: Theories

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Get Into Em, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. You bastard I almost died
  2. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    I was going to try avoid tonight's episode and binge-watch S8 all in one go but fuckit I'm too excited! :p

    Haway the Podrick!
  3. West_Winger

    West_Winger Winger

    My theory is that at the end, Bran wakes up. It’s 2019. He’s somewhere in the USA. He switches on his tv. It turns out Hastings really is H. He switches the tv off and says “goddamn it I was hoping to binge watch that”.

    *End credits roll.
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  4. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Noway the world will end. There's far too much left to milk yet.
  5. Lukas73

    Lukas73 Winger

    Dragons realise they they’re really the bosses and wipe every bastard out...
  6. super sleeves

    super sleeves Striker

    Gendry to be right there in the end as he’s cersis and Roberts son, Gendry mentiones his mother just had bright blonde hair and Cersi tell Catelyn (I think) her son had dark hair etc.
    Did he really die? Is tht why Jon Arryn was looking after him? He didn’t do the same with Roberts other bastards
  7. Bear

    Bear Striker

    This ... Thought there’d be one by now
  8. Get Into Em

    Get Into Em Full Back

    You won't be able to watch tonight's episode till atleast 3/4am GMT will you?
  9. RichB

    RichB Midfield

    Ive just watched it here - very enjoyable going to be a class series
  10. bigmarlon

    bigmarlon Midfield

    Well that was... a bit shit! :p

    Could've watched a HBO livestream at 1am but couldn't be arsed.
  11. SAFC Wilks

    SAFC Wilks Striker

    Night king will murder everyone except Sansa & Daernaerys because they’re WADs.
  12. SteveFTM

    SteveFTM Striker

    Tyrion runs riot with the Catspaw Dagger killing everyone then climbs up on to the throne. The camera zooms in as he removes his face to reveal Porkie pig saying "Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

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