Game Of Thrones Ending: Theories

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Get Into Em, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. DaveH

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    I love the way any thread on a TV show has a smattering of angry people popping up tonhave a go at anyone who watches it. They never say what they watch as ‘real men’. Probably something just as made up and unbelievable, but with guns and bombs and all being very manly. Not like swords and spears shite.

    I think whoever sits on the Iron Throne will be someone unexpected who perhaps does not really want it, like Arya. The ruler does not have to be in some succession line, just the one who kills the current Queen or King. Remember when Jamie killed the Mad King, he could have sat on the throne, and wasn’t it Ned who found him and could have done the same, but waited for Robert to take it?

    Cercei’s prophecy says she will be choked by the hands of her little brother. Jamie has only one hand, but could either little brother be Arya, which would give Jamie 2 hands? The prophecy also said Robert will have 16 children, but she only 3 which shall die. That suggests the baby will not be born.
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  2. Get Into Em

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    Robert did have 16 children. They were all bastards and were killed by the Lannisters
  3. jjarra_mackem

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    Cersei believes tyrion is the younger brother who will kill her (thats whats implied in the books anyway)

    But jamie is also younger than her. Im going for jamie driving a sword through her and baby in her bell and himself

    Maybes suicide pact before night king can get them
  4. Jack Torrance

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    Hopefully everyone dies. Hope it doesn't play it safe and have a happy ending
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  5. DaveH

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    Not all. I do wonder if Gendry still has a big part to play
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  6. Get Into Em

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    Surely he does, in s7 he has some good dialogue with Jon. I also forgot about Sam from the Nightswatch and The Red Woman.
  7. jjarra_mackem

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    I have a son, you have a daughter. We will join our houses

    Sansa/ Arya to marry Gendry?
  8. bigmarlon

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    S8 starts on April 14th, ends on May 19th. Only 6 eps.

    I'll be boycoutting the internet for 6 weeks to avoid spoilers just so I can binge watch it all in one go.
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  9. Dave Herbal

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    I’ve just said that. Everyone is forgetting him.
  10. They all die apart from Cersei, who bucks the Night King
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  11. bigmarlon

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    Jaime gets killed by Brien.
    Cersei gets killed by Tyrion.
    Jon gets killed by Daenerys' fat arse.
    Arya gets killed by the bells of Notre Dame cathedral.
    The Hound kills everyone else.

    The End.
  12. Good Bloke Fairly

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    I'm in the camp that thinks there won't be an iron throne by the end.
  13. bigmarlon

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    Spoiler alert!!!
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  14. I Stand Alone

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    Published on Apr 1, 2019
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  16. Ijustsaidthat

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    Sam the fat virgin dies really rich,, still fat, but childless... Turns out it was all his fantasy and project fear...
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    Had me fuming when I first seen it until the end. :lol:
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  18. Fletch

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    nowt to do with the storyline , but haway she is in GOT >

  19. Rickety Cricket

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    Best looking wad in the series.
  20. chriswallace85

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    This has been confirmed.
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