Future Islands

Discussion in 'SMB' started by George Kaplan, May 16, 2018.

  1. mux

    mux Striker Contributor

    Seasons is probably their best song! From their album Singles, which is also their best album in my opinion (no it's not a greatest hits).

    I knew this lad would nar the crack.
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  2. gabbiadini1

    gabbiadini1 Winger

    I shall check it out. Cheers. Can hear why you like them though :lol::lol::lol:
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  3. Bob Fleming

    Bob Fleming Striker

    Saw them in Sydney 2 or 3 years ago. Absolutely amazing live.

    Can't recall getting hemmed arl ower by homosexuals mind.
  4. Fetch Fletch

    Fetch Fletch Striker

    Seems you do mate! Seas:cool:ns is my go to song even now.
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  5. mux

    mux Striker Contributor

    Cheeky bastard :lol:

    Seas:cool:ns :D
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  6. James

    James Striker

    They're relentlessly one paced and every song sounds the same. In small doses they're enjoyable. Can't do an album though.
  7. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Tidied for a fair and accurate summary.
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  8. George Kaplan

    George Kaplan Winger

    No it’s not
  9. mad cyril

    mad cyril Midfield

    I really like them and enjoyed each time I’ve seen live.
    I do prefer the solo work of the keyboardist though which he records under the moniker Moss of Aura.
  10. MarcoG

    MarcoG Striker

    Some of their old stuff seems more varied. Little Dreamer's probably their best song and don't think it really sounds much like what you'd hear on Singles or whatever last year's was called.

    Kind of limit themselves a bit on the sound though with a lack of a guitar for the most part.
  11. Scorer

    Scorer Winger

    Quite like them but they're nee Depeche Mode.
  12. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

  13. mad cyril

    mad cyril Midfield

    It’s instrumental and a slower tempo. Reminds me of thieves like us era New order.
  14. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Singles album
  15. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Hmm... Not sure I'm into a full album of instrumentals mind.
  16. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    Seasons change
  17. richyrich

    richyrich Full Back

    They're nee Kraftwerk like.
  18. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Sunderlands don't. They're all shite.
  19. niceonemarra

    niceonemarra Winger

    There is going to be a lot of changes the next time we at the match.
  20. knumbskull

    knumbskull Winger

    Class live act, Samuel herring is a canny rapper too

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