Too many managerial/squad changes leads to no continuity and a downward spiral.

Appointing the wrong manager(s) and a shite set up to scout and bring in the best young talent is the issue.

Managers have usually been dismissed when it was warranted (sometimes too late e.g Moyes) but miss-management at the top in not having the right or best people lined up to replace them costs us!


The decision making consciously or otherwise based on the short term. This is what the rotten core is.

Aye this, one bad decision is compounded by panic and constantly fire fighting... that's what pisses me off so much atm.

Coming down to this level and Short wiping the debt could have gave the club a new lease of life and something to build (not repeating mistakes of the past)

However despite all the good intention Donald may well go down and the worst ever custodian of this club (unless something changes quickly)


Always getting it wrong:
1. Selling Henderson and not Ginger Jack
2. Hiring DiCanio who is crackers
3. Hiring Advocaat when we had a clear run and time to get a good long term appointment
4. Not signing Borini when he'd have fit in then signing him when he didnt!
5. Replacing Pickers with Camp and Steele...
6. D i FantiI
7. Bain
8. Grayson
....meh the list of terrible decisions is endless!
Really poor summer purchases, that ignored the lack of creativity in midfield in favour of a punt on the youngsters (Embleton, Gooch) who then got injured. Lewis Morgan should have been replaced, but wasn't. 2 out of our 3 strikers are injured, no creativity in midfield, no legs. Never thought I'd miss Gooch after parts of last season, but we really need his energy at the moment.
Poor organisational structure leading to the inability to retain staff, miscommunication between departments, reduced productivity and low morale throughout the company.

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Lost Magpie
Awful transfers that led to Ellis Short thinking why f***ing bother. That led to you dropping down. Then the broke charlatans moved in and fucked you further.

In essence, poor ownership but in Shorts defense you squandered money on shite.