Fulwell Mill

Discussion in 'SMB' started by EDGE, May 16, 2018.

  1. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    Resplendent in its new sails.
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  2. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Majestic :cool:
  3. Boris Bear

    Boris Bear Striker

    Well Done Sunderland Council
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  4. EDGE

    EDGE Winger


    I assume.

    You bugger!
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  5. becs

    becs Striker

    Pics man! :eek::D
  6. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    How do I do that? I'm old.
  7. becs

    becs Striker

    Take a photograph. Then you need to upload it to an image hosting site like www.postimages.org

    One it's uploaded into "my images", click on "share" above each image and then copy the text in the box that says direct link.

    In a message on here, click on the icon with a picture of mountains on, and paste the text into the pop up box.

    Hope that makes sense!
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  8. zwartekat

    zwartekat Striker

    Saw the big crane puitting them into place yesterday. Hope they don't get blown away in freak gales next week :cry:
  9. E M P I R E

    E M P I R E Full Back

    Argh, it's sideways!

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  10. Narraback

    Narraback Striker

    Flour power.
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  11. becs

    becs Striker

    That's a class picture :cool:
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  12. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    Well done, better than mine anyway.
  13. E M P I R E

    E M P I R E Full Back

    I'd like to take the credit, but me mam took it. I won't tell her that though - it'll only go to her head.
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  14. Paws 4 Thought

    Paws 4 Thought Full Back

    I have screenshot that Becs so I know how to do it!
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  15. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
    Doesn’t work
  16. dom

    dom Striker

    I would have loved to have seen Will Hay and Graham Moffatt spinning around on those!
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  17. Longy

    Longy Striker

    Can't just leave stuff alone can they? Why couldn't they just leave it vertical like it always was. Fucking council.
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  18. [​IMG] Yes it does
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  19. EDGE

    EDGE Winger

    Bastards the lot of them.

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