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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Redandwhitedust, May 15, 2019.

  1. cook

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    Memories of waking up after a night out hoping the floor had load of pound coins on it if I'd won something.
  2. ravydavygravy

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    There was an interesting thread on here a few years back about professional bandit players.

    Apparently these pros know glitches that have been programmed in by roque workers

    Still sounds like bollocks to me like.
  3. The Continuing Story

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    Yeah, but you quoted a post talking about genuine addiction. Your post saying "there's nowt with the rush" was irrelevant in the context to the original post
  4. Ken Tishtown

    Ken Tishtown Goalkeeper

    No. I quoted a post that mentioned “playing for the rush” as a negative and gave an example of how playing for the rush could be ok.

    Not really that complicated if I’m honest
  5. The Continuing Story

    The Continuing Story Central Defender

    The context is fairly different
  6. Redandwhitedust

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    A mate of mine used to always win on the bandits, claimed he had inside knowledge. But this was back in the late 90s when a jackpot was £35

    He would make small wins, But they were frequent wins. Hed put 3quid in and win a fiver 90% of the time, which soon adds up and made me think he did know something. He also only played certain ones and always seemed to know when to stop.

    He was a canny lad to drink with. When he had a good streak (of small wins) in a particular pub he would insist on buying the drinks. "Not my money, I didnt come in with it" was almost a catchphrase.

    The technology in a bandit now has probably killed off any knowledge that was out there
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  7. The fact that they can be remotely updated without an engineer having to visit the site now has made a difference, there are and have been glitches in them which have meant them paying out way above the stated percentage and having specific loop holes, but then a patch would be created and the engineers sent out to sort them. If you could find an unpatched one, you were laughing.

    Now they are all wifi enabled and the company pushes a button to update them all.

    I remember when tokens were still on the go, £3 cash jackpot and £6 token jackpot but you could spend tokens over the bar for pints and in some place cigarettes. My dad's placed had phased out the tokens for the new £10 jackpot machines so he had bags of tokens, was just a case of winning a jackpot in a place that still had tokens and making sure they matched the ones I had - collect all cash wins, buy the drinks in, etc... some cracking nights.
  8. Billy2Sheds

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    Do you not work in online gambling Mate? I do just in case I've got you wrong!! More social responsibility is both on the way from operators and regulators but the FOBt reduction (,to the current level on B2 machines) was ill advised imo and against academic opinion when more harmful forms exist online
  9. CEF

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    In another thread people are forking out a grand to go and play on the bandits in Las Vegas....
  10. max wartbug

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    Last time I played one it had a handle to pull on the side
  11. Ken Tishtown

    Ken Tishtown Goalkeeper

    What? :lol:
  12. cluffy

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    I watch a blokes online slots channel every week and the fcker gambled £20,000 recently up to £40,000! :lol:

    I felt a bit ill tbh but you get some great wins on there.I
    Not for me mind - can't afford it and don't really trust myself. It's horses for courses though. I see people putting shedload into iPubs where the JP is £100 and I think why not out that amount in at the bookies where it's £500?
    Then some people say why go to the bookies when there's bigger pots online
  13. Gibraltar Mackem

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    Yes mate, I work in online gaming. Serial FOBT abusers will not be deterred by a reduction - it will simply mean they sit there longer with a proportionate overall stake as last time. I would not be surprised if they're eradicated completely by this time in 2020.
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  14. cluffy

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    Initially I thought the stake reduction had affected the way the games play but on Monday I won £260 in Paddy power and then later on £480 at Freds. Mind you i don't play roulette...
  15. niknak_123

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    Bloke won $1.8m this week on a slot machine in Vegas... beats walking away with a few pound coins in your pocket
  16. robbied1

    robbied1 Striker

    You used to be able to tap codes into them
  17. To counter the removal of the “High Stakes” slots game, they introduced a mini game that is available for £2 a spin and if you win on that then you get your 5 super spins.

    The average of getting your 5 spins still sits at the same levels of £20,£30,£40,£50 super spins depending on which one you select. So it’s basically the same game with an “added” rush factor as the addict now gets the same rush when they play the £2 mini game for the sake of 5 spins then again if the 5 spins drops in.

    There’s a few I’ve watched and they all claim not to have “problems”. Stop and Step has got issues, some of the stupid gambles he does.

    I like watching the bonus hunt results.
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  18. dafunk2

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    I was told that Saturday and Sunday mornings were the best times to play them due to drunk folk just sticking money in them on Friday and Saturday nights.
  19. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Stop and Step is hilarious...makes gambling seem dull :lol: and who are those daft buggers commenting underneath? Also he somehow went to Vegas and made that look even more tedious than an afternoon in Betfreds. Plus he won fuc k all!

    Since I started watching the Bandits Sunday slots it's blown him out the water.
  20. I'm cynical with some of these though as they all seem a little "close" to the online Casinos and seem able to do things that average joes can't. It's like they started out as casino streamers, built up a following and are now used for online casino propaganda.

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