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  1. Well, you could always look away and let the dog get on with it.
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  2. mux

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    Yes but only if it is dead.
  3. Charmless Man

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    Have to do sacred bumming rituals iirc.
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  4. link :eek::p
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  5. lenshack

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    They even put new fireplaces in for nowt, according to little Bobby.
  6. Prior to national lottery were the highest donators to charity.

    Many have open days now so you can ask questions and have a look around
  7. Fetch Fletch

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    Here's one!
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  8. Not me. i do know quite a few though

    Is the Freemasons arms still open ?
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  9. Cowvahlo

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    Obviously it’s a statement otherwise the correct punctuation would have been used.
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  10. the boot

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    Along with the rotary they are wonderful human beings. Give a lot to sunningdale school.
  11. On Longacre on London then yes. Wasin it a fortnight back
  12. Pallion, I think it's still pallion. Near B and Q and the tip.
  13. Its impossible to be slower that those in the SOL.
  14. richyrich

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    Just google it man. :lol:
  15. max wartbug

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    I've heard wanted criminals used to socialise in a few of the Lodges, which is strange as a lot of Plod used to members too! I recall a TV program that reckoned one of Britain's most wanted was regularly at the same functions as the local Chief Constable.
  16. tonyfromalnwick

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    I'm not allowed to tell you if I'm a member or not.
  17. yes you can.. you can tell whoever you want...
  18. Some Random Guy

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    Even David Icke?
  19. he probably is one... just doesn't promote it
  20. Some Random Guy

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    Maybe the lizard people is to throw us of the scent. The cat people don't want us to know the truth.

    This would explain the rise of cat memes.
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